Celebrities named Oliver

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Oliver Kahn
  • Athlete

1. Oliver Kahn

Net Worth: $100 Million

From goalkeeping genius to football fashion icon, Oliver Kahn has dominated both the pitch and the headlines with his unparalleled talent and charismatic presence. As a celebrated sports figure, this intriguing personality has captivated fans worldwide with his extraordinary skills and captivating story. Prepare to be enthralled as we delve deep into the life of…
Oliver Stone
  • Film Director

2. Oliver Stone

Net Worth: $70 Million

Oliver Stone is one of the most influential and iconic filmmakers in Hollywood history. With a net worth of $70 million and an Oscar-winning portfolio, Oliver Stone has been setting benchmarks for greatness since his birth on September 15, 1946. Responsible for films like Platoon, Wall Street, JFK, Natural Born Killers and many more; this…
Óliver Pérez
  • Athlete

3. Óliver Pérez

Net Worth: $23 Million

He's a baseball superstar, hails from Mexico, and has a net worth of $23 million. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Óliver Pérez! Trust us when we say that this pitcher is not to be missed. With his incredible talent on the field and his charming personality off it, he's captured the hearts of millions…
  • Actor

4. Oliver Hudson

Net Worth: $10 Million

Introducing Oliver Hudson, the charming American actor and producer whose illustrious career has earned him a net worth of $10 million. Born September 7th 1976, this Hollywood star is best known for his roles in long-running TV series such as Rules of Engagement and Scream Queens. But have you heard about his mysterious journey that…
Oliver Platt
  • Actor

5. Oliver Platt

Net Worth: $10 Million

Hollywood’s beloved actor and one of the most versatile performers of his generation, Oliver Platt has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry over the past four decades with his impeccable acting skills and magnetic personality. Known for his commanding screen presence and remarkable range as an actor, Platt has starred in numerous…
  • Producer

6. Oliver El Khatib

Net Worth: $10 Million

From underground sensation to music industry mogul, Oliver El Khatib has taken the world by storm with his prodigious talent and unwavering determination. As a renowned producer, he has worked with chart-topping artists and shaped the sound of contemporary music. But what lies behind this enigmatic figure? Dive into his remarkable journey as we unveil…
Oliver Ekman-Larsson
  • Athlete

7. Oliver Ekman-Larsson

Net Worth: $7.7 Million

Swedish professional ice hockey player and athlete Oliver Ekman-Larsson has been making waves in the sporting world since his first game as a teen. Born on July 17, 1991, Oliver is now one of the top players in the NHL and reportedly has a net worth of $7.7 million. An award-winning star in sports, this…
Oliver Pocher
  • TV Personality

8. Oliver Pocher

Net Worth: $7 Million

From TV screens to comedy stages, Oliver Pocher has captivated audiences with his infectious charm and undeniable talent. This sensational TV personality, born on February 18, 1978, has taken the entertainment world by storm with his sharp wit and unparalleled comedic timing. But behind the laughter lies a captivating journey of rags to riches that…
Oli White
  • Actor

9. Oli White

Net Worth: $6 Million

From YouTube sensation to bestselling author and budding actor, Oli White has taken the digital world by storm. This young English star has captured the hearts of millions with his witty humor, infectious charisma, and irresistible charm. But who is this rising celebrity that everyone's talking about? Get ready to dive into the extraordinary life…
  • Dutch DJ

10. Oliver Heldens

Net Worth: $5 Million

"From humble beginnings to ruling the electronic dance music scene, Oliver Heldens has become a force to be reckoned with. This Dutch DJ sensation has captivated audiences worldwide with his infectious beats and unparalleled talent behind the turntables. With a net worth of $5 million, this prodigious artist has climbed his way to the top…