Celebrities named Roger

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Roger Wang
  • Businessman

1. Roger Wang

Net Worth: $3.8 Billion

Introducing Roger Wang – the Taiwanese-American businessman behind the success of GCMF. He's one of the wealthiest people in Asia, with a net worth estimated at $3.8 billion! Want to find out how he got here? Then read on and find out all about his impressive career and lifestyle. From humble beginnings to becoming Vice-President…
Roger Penske
  • Businessperson

2. Roger Penske

Net Worth: $1.48 Billion

Do you want to learn the true story of a man who earned over a billion dollars and achieved success in business, racing, and philanthropy? Meet Roger Penske –the American Renaissance man! Born on February 20, 1937, he won multiple NASCAR Championships as a race car driver. As an entrepreneur and businessperson, he has made…
Roger Staubach
  • Businessman

3. Roger Staubach

Net Worth: $600 Million

Introducing the legendary Roger Staubach: America's favorite former professional football player, bestselling author and highly successful businessman. From leading the Dallas Cowboys to two Super Bowl victories in the 70s, famously managing real estate firm JLL, to now having a net worth of $600 million – this is an incredible story of determination and success....
Roger Federer
  • Athlete

4. Roger Federer

Net Worth: $550 Million

Roger Federer, the suave and legendary tennis icon who has captivated the world with his unrivaled talent, turns heads not only on the court but also in the realm of fashion. With his chiseled looks and impeccable style, it's no wonder he's become a darling of Vogue and Cosmopolitan alike. But there's so much more…
Roger Altman
  • Wall Street

5. Roger Altman

Net Worth: $400 Million

Roger Altman is the Wall Street Master who has amassed a staggering net worth of 400 million dollars over his lengthy, groundbreaking career. Born in 1946, Altman has achieved what only a select few have; creating an empire and shaping entire industries with his revolutionary tactics that reflect both poise and insight. This article will…
Roger Waters
  • Bassist

6. Roger Waters

Net Worth: $310 Million

From rock royalty to cultural icon, Roger Waters has left an indelible mark on the music industry. As the acclaimed bassist and co-founder of legendary band Pink Floyd, his musical genius has captivated audiences around the world for decades. But beyond his chart-topping hits and multi-platinum albums lies a captivating story that deserves to be…
Roger Taylor
  • Musician

7. Roger Taylor

Net Worth: $200 Million

From chart-topping anthems to dazzling performances, Roger Taylor has undeniably left an indelible mark on the music industry. As a revered musician, singer-songwriter, and record producer, this English sensation's talents know no bounds. With his mesmerizing vocals and electric stage presence, Taylor skyrocketed to global fame as the legendary drummer of the iconic rock...
Roger Ailes
  • Film Producer

8. Roger Ailes

Net Worth: $200 Million

Discover the man behind the Fox News Empire: Roger Ailes! Born on May 15th, 1940, this American television and film producer had a remarkable career that catapulted him to become one of the most influential players in US news industry. His mind-blowing net worth of $200 million made Ailes an example for many aspiring entrepreneurs…
Roger Ames
  • Entrepreneur

9. Roger Ames

Net Worth: $200 Million

From humble beginnings to a multi-million dollar empire, Roger Ames has cemented his status as a music industry mastermind and unstoppable entrepreneur. This extraordinary British icon has made waves across the globe with his impeccable business acumen and sharp ear for talent. With a jaw-dropping net worth of $200 million, he effortlessly reigns as one…
Roger Moore
  • Actor

10. Roger Moore

Net Worth: $110 Million

He was the epitome of suave. He charmed audiences across the globe as James Bond, and now we're taking a deep dive into the life of one of Hollywood's most iconic actors: Roger Moore. From his humble beginnings to his rise to fame in Hollywood, this biography sheds light on a man who lived a…