Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell became victims to multiple home break-ins in the last four months

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Goldie Hawn, the renowned actress, has expressed her dismay over the safety of Los Angeles after suffering multiple break-ins at her home. The first incident occurred when burglars entered through a balcony into her bedroom, ransacking closets and breaking down a fortified safe door. This unsettling experience was soon followed by an attempted second break-in just four months later. Distressed by these events, Hawn is now considering relocating to Palm Desert, citing it as a safer alternative.

During the initial break-in at her Los Angeles residence, Hawn was away for only a few hours. She described the burglars as “very sophisticated,” noting that they made off with many valuable items. Hawn recounted the invasion saying, “They had broken in from the balcony to our bedroom, our closets. And they completely knocked down my door, which is a safe door.” The emotional and physical breach has left her deeply shaken.

Only four months later, while alone at home with just her dog for company, Hawn experienced another fright. She heard a loud noise from upstairs which indicated another break-in attempt. “I hear this big thump upstairs — and I was alone; Kurt wasn’t there — and I went, ‘What the hell was that?'” she recalled. This prompted immediate changes in her home security measures.

Following these incidents, Hawn took serious steps towards enhancing her security. She hired a guard for protection, particularly when she is alone at home. “I’ve had a guard, especially when I’m alone now. I’m never without a guard,” she explained. It’s evident that these break-ins have had a significant impact on how she views her personal security.

The increasing crime rates in Los Angeles have become a notable concern for its residents. According to January reports from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), there has been a 3.5% increase in property crimes compared to previous years. Mayor Karen Bass addressed public concerns stating that improving safety remains her priority but acknowledged that more needs to be done: “My No .1 job is to keep Angelenos safe… Together we will continue implementing our comprehensive approach to public safety.”

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been partners for over 40 years and are considered one of Hollywood’s enduring couples. They first met in 1968 but only started dating in 1983 and have since built a family together including blended members from previous relationships alongside their biological son.

In light of recent events and ongoing safety concerns, LA’s iconic celebrity couple might trade city lights for desert calm as they seek tranquility outside of Hollywood’s hustle.

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