Celebrities who are 188 cm or 6′1″ tall

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Michael Platt
  • Richest Billionaires

1. Michael Platt

Net Worth: $15 Billion

Meet Michael Platt, the British billionaire making waves around the world with his immense wealth of $15 billion. The 36-year-old achieved his riches by founding BlueCrest Capital Management, a successful trading firm that helps manage assets worth billions of dollars. But who is this mysterious man and how did he become one of the world's…
Steve Jobs

2. Steve Jobs

Net Worth: $10.2 Billion

From humble beginnings to tech mogul extraordinaire, Steve Jobs is a name that commands respect and admiration in the world of innovation. Born on February 24, 1955, in the United States, this iconic figure has left an indelible mark on modern technology as we know it. But who was Steve Jobs really? In this riveting…
Joop van den Ende
  • Businessman

3. Joop van den Ende

Net Worth: $1600 Million

Media Tycoon, Theatrical Producer and Businessman Joop van den Ende has been pushing the boundaries of entertainment since his birth on February 23rd in 1942. Due to his incredible success and tremendous wealth of over $1600 million, Dutch-born Van den Ende is one of the most prominent influencers in business today. From producing hit musicals…
Slavica Ecclestone
  • Businessperson

4. Slavica Ecclestone

Net Worth: $1.5 Billion

She's gorgeous, successful, and worth billions! Slavica Ecclestone is a name that has been synonymous with the world of fashion and business for decades. As a top model in the 80s and 90s, she graced the runways of some of the world's biggest designers before transitioning to become one of the most powerful women in…
Vince McMahon
  • Businessman

5. Vince McMahon

Net Worth: $1200 Million

Meet Vince McMahon, the American businessman and professional wrestling promoter who is worth an estimated $1.2 billion! From his humble beginnings as the son of a wrestling promoter to becoming Chairman and CEO of one of the most successful sports entertainment companies in the world, Vince McMahon has lived an incredible life story. With a…
Gordon Ramsay
  • TV Personality

6. Gordon Ramsay

Net Worth: $820 Million

Gordon Ramsay: The Fiery Kitchen King Worth $820 Million. Get ready to dive into the sizzling world of the culinary genius turned TV personality as we unveil the untold story behind Gordon Ramsay's rise to fame. From his humble beginnings in the United Kingdom to becoming a household name on our screens, Ramsay has captured…
Matt Stone
  • Animator

7. Matt Stone

Net Worth: $700 Million

From animated satires that push boundaries to award-winning Broadway productions, Matt Stone has revolutionized the entertainment industry. With a net worth of $700 million, this creative visionary is not only one of America's most successful animators and voice artists but also an accomplished screenwriter. Born on May 26, 1971, Stone has spent decades captivating...
Paul Kagame
  • President of Rwanda

8. Paul Kagame

Net Worth: $510 Million

Meet Paul Kagame, one of the most powerful men in Africa and an inspiration for many. Born on October 23th 1957, he has been a revolutionary figure in his own country, Rwanda. Currently serving as the President of Rwanda since 2000, he is credited with helping Africa make tremendous strides towards economic development and becoming…
Michael Bay
  • Producer

9. Michael Bay

Net Worth: $430 Million

Introducing Michael Bay, the famous American director and producer with an estimated net worth of $430 million. From Armageddon to Bad Boys, this man has left his fair share of explosive silver-screen memories in our hearts. Known for creating breathtaking visual spectacles set against breathless action sequences, Michael Bay always sets out to make a…
Will Smith
  • Actor

10. Will Smith

Net Worth: $420 Million

From Philadelphia rapper to global superstar, Will Smith's journey to fame has captured the hearts of millions. This actor, born on September 25th, 1968 in the United States, has become a household name due to his undeniable talent and magnetic personality. With a net worth totaling $420 million, he is one of the richest actors…