Meryl Streep Reveals Favorite Love Scene with Robert Redford

Image Credit: Jaya Travel

Meryl Streep recently shared that her favorite movie scene was with Robert Redford in the 1985 film “Out of Africa”. This particular scene, known for its intimacy, involved Redford washing Streep’s hair by a river in colonial South Africa. Reflecting on the experience during a recent interview with Fox News, Streep expressed how captivated she felt, partly due to the poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” recited by Redford during the act.

Streep described the shampoo scene as highly intimate, akin to a love scene. The setting added a layer of natural beauty and danger that increased this intensity. The team faced several challenges during filming, including nearby lions and hippopotamuses, which heightened everyone’s senses. Despite these dangers, Streep recalled that the intimate atmosphere between her and Redford persisted throughout the shoot.

Initially, the hair washing didn’t go smoothly as Redford wasn’t performing up to expectations. It took an intervention from Roy Hellund, who demonstrated how to wash hair effectively. After improving his technique under guidance, Redford was able to breathe life into the iconic moment. Streep admitted enjoying every take and not wanting it to end even amidst such challenging circumstances.

“Out of Africa” went on to be very successful under director Sydney Pollack. At the Oscars, it received 11 nominations and won seven awards including best picture and best director. Speaking fondly of working with Pollack and Redford, Streep praised Redford’s easygoing nature which made him approachable during their collaboration.

More recently at Cannes Film Festival 2024 on Tuesday, Meryl received an honorary Palme d’Or award where she emotionally noted feeling overwhelmed by respect from the audience contrasting with her usual unrecognized routine at home. While reflecting on her career—including significant roles in hits like “Mamma Mia!” and “The Devil Wears Prada” — Streep remarked about not knowing whether they’d be hits but being confident in making them happen thanks to her age then being 58 and 60 respectively.

With such a storied career filled with layered roles and memorable scenes like that shared with Robert Redford, Meryl Streep continues to reflect on her unique experiences while cherishing each milestone achievements in her illustrious journey through cinema.

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