NewJeans’ Parents Allege Neglect and Plagiarism by HYBE in Open Letter

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Title: NewJeans’ Parents Allege Neglect and Plagiarism by HYBE in Open Letter

Parents of the K-pop group NewJeans reportedly sent a letter to ADOR’s CEO Min Hee-jin on March 31, voicing concerns over alleged neglect and misconduct by HYBE. The letter, which was later shared with HYBE on April 3, came into public light when eDaily published its details today, May 13.

According to the letter released by eDaily, the parents expressed dissatisfaction with how another label under HYBE seemed to copy NewJeans’ concept. They stated, “We express deep concern over the controversy that has risen with many similarities in concept […] between NewJeans and a group that debuted under another label of HYBE.” They also mentioned, “It is deeply regrettable that another label under the same parent company could plan a team that is intentionally reminiscent of NewJeans.” The concerns raised highlighted mental distress among NewJeans members and potential damage to the group’s reputation and brand value. Parents cautioned, “If these situations continue, this will undoubtedly damage NewJeans’s reputation and brand value.”

In response, detailed in an eDaily follow-up report on the same day, HYBE issued a statement asserting that Min Hee-jin and an unnamed ADOR vice president wrote the letter without substantiating their claims. HYBE accused them of using artists’ parents for personal conflicts. “Min Hee-jin suggested using the parents to raise issues because it would breach the shareholders’ agreement if she did it herself,” said a spokesman from HYBE. The company added they plan to take legal actions: “We plan to submit this evidence to investigative and judicial authorities.”

An ADOR shareholder meeting is scheduled soon to vote on whether Min Hee-jin should be dismissed as CEO.

Background on entities: – NewJeans is a popular K-pop girl group managed by ADOR, a subsidiary under HYBE. – Min Hee-jin is the CEO of ADOR. – Bang Si-hyuk is commonly known as “Hitman” Bang; founder of Big Hit Entertainment (now known as HYBE). – eDaily is an online news source where this story was first reported.

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