Richest American Football coachs of all time

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John Madden
  • American Football coach

1. John Madden

Net Worth: $220 Million

Meet John Madden, the famed American football coach who has made an extraordinary mark on the sports world and earned more than $220 million net worth throughout his illustrious career. At 84 years of age, he is undeniably one of the world's most influential coaches; what makes him different from other big names in the…
Nick Saban
  • American Football coach

2. Nick Saban

Net Worth: $75 Million

Nick Saban is one of the biggest names in American football. He has been making history for decades with his impressive coaching career and is now worth a staggering $75 million. Born on October 31, 1951, Saban is an American football coach who's accomplishments can not be overlooked. From winning the NCAA National Championship title…
Don Shula
  • American Football coach

3. Don Shula

Net Worth: $60 Million

Don Shula is an iconic American football legend who revolutionized the game. He was born on January 4, 1930 and has a net worth of $60 million. Shula is best known for his remarkable coaching career in the NFL and as head coach for the Miami Dolphins – leading them to two Super Bowl Championships!…
Jimmy Johnson
  • Actor

4. Jimmy Johnson

Net Worth: $45 Million

Love him or hate him, Jimmy Johnson is a legendary figure in the world of American football. From being an All-American college football player and Heisman trophy winner to coaching two Super Bowl winning teams and now hosting his own show on Fox Sports, he’s made quite a name for himself. This article is your…
Jim Harbaugh
  • American Football coach

5. Jim Harbaugh

Net Worth: $35 Million

Jim Harbaugh is an iconic American figure. Born on December 23, 1963, he rose to fame as a professional American football coach and has become one of the most successful coaches in modern history. With his impressive net worth of $35 million and countless fans around the world, Harbaugh is more than worthy of being…
Urban Meyer
  • American Football coach

6. Urban Meyer

Net Worth: $35 Million

Urban Meyer is a world-renowned American football coach and one of the most successful coaches in college history. Born on July 10, 1964, he has achieved an impressive net worth of $35 million. Over his illustrious career, Meyer has won three national championships and seven conference titles with various universities. In this exclusive interview for…
Dabo Swinney
  • American Football coach

7. Dabo Swinney

Net Worth: $30 Million

Meet Dabo Swinney – the coach who has become synonymous with American football coaching excellence! Born in 1969 in Alabama, he has made a remarkable career journey from being a walk-on wide receiver to one of the most successful coaches alive today. The two-time National College Football Champion and former Clemson coach is estimated to…
Andy Reid
  • American Football coach

8. Andy Reid

Net Worth: $30 Million

Andy Reid is an American icon who has reached the pinnacle of success in his professional life. The 61-year-old Hall of Fame football coach and former player has an impressive net worth of $30 million, along with a long career spanning more than three decades. From winning the Coach of the Year Award to becoming…
Chip Kelly
  • American Football coach

9. Chip Kelly

Net Worth: $25 Million

Chip Kelly is an American Football coach from the United States who's gaining more and more attention in the sports world. Born on November 25, 1963, he holds an impressive net worth of $25 million and his career trajectory points only upwards. If you've been following Chip Kelly for some time now and want to…
James Franklin
  • American Football coach

10. James Franklin

Net Worth: $25 Million

James Franklin is one of the most popular and successful American football coaches in the United States. Born on February 2, 1972, he has made a name for himself through his impressive results and proactive playing style. With an estimated net-worth of $25 million, this star coach could certainly give you some financial advice as…