Richest Anchors of all time

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Sandra Smith
  • Anchor

1. Sandra Smith

Net Worth: $45 Million

Sandra Smith is one of the most iconic television personalities in America. As an anchor and reporter for Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network, she has reported on some of the biggest stories in politics and business from around the globe. Born on September 22nd, 1980, Sandra was an ambitious student who worked hard…
Jane Pauley
  • Anchor

2. Jane Pauley

Net Worth: $40 Million

From captivating viewers as the first female anchor to hold a coveted position on NBC's Today show, to winning 11 Emmy Awards and securing her place as one of America's most beloved journalists, Jane Pauley is truly an icon in the world of news media. With a net worth of $40 million, she has shattered…
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3. Arnab Goswami

Net Worth: $34 Million

"From captivating newsrooms to the heart of controversial debates, Arnab Goswami has become a household name in the world of journalism. As one of India’s most prominent television anchors, he commands attention with his authoritative presence and razor-sharp interviews that leave no stone unturned. Now, get ready to delve deeper into the life and career…
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4. Rajat Sharma

Net Worth: $15 Million

"From humble beginnings to becoming India’s most celebrated anchor, delve into the extraordinary life of Rajat Sharma as we unravel the untold secrets and triumphs behind his meteoric rise. With a net worth of $15 million, this media mogul has captured the hearts and minds of millions across the nation. Brace yourself for an exclusive…
Poppy Harlow
  • Anchor

5. Poppy Harlow

Net Worth: $6 Million

Poppy Harlow has established herself as one of the world's most renowned anchors. Born on May 2, 1982, this CNN Newsroom host is an American celebrity who is worth a whopping $6 Million. In her illustrious career, Poppy has become famous for her amazing ability to connect with viewers and deliver news in an engaging,…
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6. Rohit Sardana

Net Worth: $1 Million Usd

"From captivating the nation with his charismatic presence to earning millions, Rohit Sardana’s meteoric rise in the world of journalism is an inspiration unto itself. As one of India’s most prominent anchors, he has transcended mere fame to become a household name. But what makes this article truly worth your time? Brace yourself for a…
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7. Rahul Kanwal

Net Worth: $1 Million

"From captivating viewers with his magnetic presence on screen to breaking news in real-time, Rahul Kanwal has emerged as one of India’s most celebrated anchors. Born on September 14, 1980, this dynamic personality has captured the attention of audiences nationwide with his razor-sharp journalism and undeniable charm. With a net worth of $1 million and…
Deborah Norville
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8. Deborah Norville

Net Worth:

Deborah Norville, the celebrated journalist and veteran news anchor of Inside Edition, is no stranger to success. She has been named one of the "150 Most Influential Women in The World" by Good Housekeeping magazine, proving her worth as a powerful female figure in journalism. Her brilliant career and inspiring story have earned her accolades…