Richest Attorneys in the United States of all time

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David Boies
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1. David Boies

Net Worth: $50 Million

Meet David Boies, the renowned trial lawyer who has represented some of the most influential people and companies in the United States. Born on March 11, 1941 and with a reported personal net worth of $50 million dollars, he is considered one of America’s wealthiest attorneys. Having represented everyone from Microsoft to the National Football…
Gary Hart
  • Attorneys in the United States

2. Gary Hart

Net Worth: $15 Million

Gary Hart is an American lawyer, politician, author, and commentator known for his decades of service in the United States Senate. Born on November 28th 1936, he has been a key figure in the Democratic Party since 1974 – first as a Coloradan Senator, then as a presidential candidate. He has also authored two novels…