Richest Chemists of all time

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Curt Engelhorn
  • Chemist

1. Curt Engelhorn

Net Worth: $5.3 Billion

Meet the illustrious Curt Engelhorn, a German chemist and Billionaire whose story is straight from the movies. Born on May 25th, 1926 in Germany, he has lived an extraordinary life of success and excellence that reaches beyond just being incredibly wealthy. On top of all this, his net worth is estimated at $5.3 billion! His…
Dr Jerry Buss
  • Businessperson

2. Dr Jerry Buss

Net Worth: $600 Million

From chemist to poker player, meet the multi-talented Dr Jerry Buss – the ultimate embodiment of success and glamour! This captivating article dives into the extraordinary life of a man who defied all expectations. Dr Buss, known as a visionary businessperson and real estate tycoon, rose from humble beginnings to amass a staggering net worth…
Margaret Thatcher
  • Barrister

3. Margaret Thatcher

Net Worth: $10 Million

She is the Iron Lady of the United Kingdom: Margaret Thatcher. Born on October 13th, 1925, Ms. Thatcher has been a powerful leader throughout her lifetime – from lawyer to chemist, scientist to politican, and statesman to barrister. Through it all she has maintained a remarkable career and amassed an estimated net worth of $10…
  • Actor

4. Rake Yohn

Net Worth: $1 Million

Explore the fascinating life of Rake Yohn, a renowned actor and chemist with a net worth estimated at $1 million. Born on January 20th 1975 in the United States, this multi-talented celebrity has achieved great fame through his amazing chemistry skills and award-winning acting performances. With awards such as "Best Supporting Actor" under his name,…