Richest College Football Coachs of all time

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Jim Tressel
  • College Football Coach

1. Jim Tressel

Net Worth: $16 Million

Introducing Jim Tressel, the American college football legend who revolutionized Ohio State University’s game plan and made history as one of the most dominating coaches in NCAA history. Did you know that this incredible man behind all those championship wins was once an unknown player? His incredible journey to riches and success is a great…
Mack Brown
  • College Football Coach

2. Mack Brown

Net Worth: $8 Million

Mack Brown is a household name in the world of college football. Born on August 27, 1951 and hailing from Cookeville, Tennessee, he has been an American sports powerhouse for decades. Taking up his first coaching gig at Florida State in 1981, before moving to Texas to coach the Longhorns in 1998, Mack retired as…