Richest Executive Chairmans of all time

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Peter Guber
  • Executive Chairman

1. Peter Guber

Net Worth: $800 Million

From humble beginnings to Hollywood's power player, Peter Guber has become a living legend in the entertainment industry. As the charismatic Executive Chairman and mastermind behind some of the biggest blockbusters, this self-made man has amassed an jaw-dropping net worth of $800 million. But it's not just his wealth that makes him fascinating; it's his...
Kishore Lulla
  • Executive Chairman

2. Kishore Lulla

Net Worth: $360 Million

Meet Kishore Lulla: The Extraordinary Indian Billionaire Taking the Entertainment World by Storm! ? ?????? ?✨ Ever wondered who's behind those captivating Bollywood blockbusters and mesmerizing international films? Look no further, because we have the inside scoop on the life and triumphs of Kishore Lulla – the brilliant mastermind shaking up the entertainment...
Randall L. Stephenson
  • AT&T

3. Randall L. Stephenson

Net Worth: $140 Million

From humble beginnings to a world-renowned business tycoon, Randall L. Stephenson has captivated the corporate universe with his unparalleled vision and indomitable spirit. As the esteemed Executive Chairman of AT&T, Stephenson's name resonates with power, influence, and innovation. Discover the extraordinary journey that transformed this American trailblazer into...
  • CEO of Baxters Food Group Limited

4. Audrey Baxter

Net Worth: $113.3 Million

From a humble beginning to the pinnacle of success, Audrey Baxter has emerged as an iconic figure in the world of business. As the Executive Chairman and CEO of Baxters Food Group Limited, this British powerhouse has not only built an empire but also revolutionized the culinary industry. With a jaw-dropping net worth of $113.3…
Naveen Jain
  • Co-Founder

5. Naveen Jain

Net Worth: $100 Million

Meet Naveen Jain: The Self-made Billionaire Who Left Behind a Legacy of Innovation and Courage. With an estimated net worth of $100 Million, this entrepreneur and philanthropist has been making waves since his days as co-founder to Moon Express – the first ever privately funded lunar mission. Born on September 6th 1959, Naveen grew up…