Richest Financial Analysts of all time

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1. John Bollinger

Net Worth: $50 Million

John Bollinger is a living legend in the world of finance. Born on May 27th, 1950, John has been writing about finances for years and his books are now considered classics in the field. Over the years, he's developed various methods like 'Bollinger Bands', which have changed how analysts analyze movements in stock markets around…
Meredith Whitney
  • Businessman

2. Meredith Whitney

Net Worth: $10 Million

Meet Meredith Whitney: a successful businessperson, financial expert and multi-millionaire whose success story is worth your attention! Born on November 20, 1969 in the United States of America Meredith has always been a go-getter. A pathbreaker since early days of her career she started out as an analyst to later become one of the most…
Harry Markopolos
  • Accountant

3. Harry Markopolos

Net Worth: $2 Million

Introducing the one and only Harry Markopolos: a world-renowned investor, accountant, financial analyst, and even screenwriter! For over two decades he has used his brilliant mind to uncover some of the most elaborate frauds ever seen in America’s corporate history. From the infamous Madoff scandal to Bernie Ebbers’ ruinous downfall, Harry Markopolos devoted himself to...