Richest Futurists of all time

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Ray Kurzweil
  • Author

1. Ray Kurzweil

Net Worth: $27 Million

From predicting the future to shaping it, Ray Kurzweil has captured the imagination of millions with his extraordinary vision and undeniable brilliance. This enigmatic author, entrepreneur, futurist, and inventor has risen to legendary status in the realm of technological innovation. With a net worth of $27 million, this American genius is not only a household…
Michio Kaku
  • CUNY Graduate Center

2. Michio Kaku

Net Worth: $5 Million

Introducing Michio Kaku – the rock-star professor who has revolutionized theoretical physics, mesmerizing both academia and mainstream culture alike. This brilliant physiologist, futurist, and professor of theoretical physics at the City College of New York has achieved a net worth of $5 million dollars and earned international acclaim for his groundbreaking works on...
Nikola Tesla
  • Electrical engineer

3. Nikola Tesla

Net Worth: $100

Introducing the little giant of science – Nikola Tesla! Born on July 10, 1856 in what is now Croatia and raised in Serbia, Tesla was a physicist, inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, scientist and futurist who has had a tremendous influence over technology to this day. He has been credited with hundreds of inventions including…