Richest Law Enforcements of all time

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William Bratton
  • Law Enforcement

1. William Bratton

Net Worth: $500 Thousand

Meet William Bratton, the law enforcement legend and person behind some of the most successful crime-prevention strategies in history. He is an American citizen born on October 6, 1947 with a net worth of $500 thousand. In his storied career, which has spanned decades and multiple cities in the United States, Bratton has worked with…
J. Edgar Hoover
  • Law Enforcement

2. J. Edgar Hoover

Net Worth:

"From the shadowy origins of organized crime to wielding a grip on justice, J. Edgar Hoover's enigmatic life story is set to captivate and enthrall! Step into the glamorous world of one of America's most influential law enforcement icons as we dive deep into his gripping biography. ? ???️‍♂️??? ?✨ Born on January 1, 1895,…