Richest Pokers of all time

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Phil Ivey
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1. Phil Ivey

Net Worth: $100 Million

From the velvet-clad poker tables of Las Vegas to the pinnacle of wealth and fame, we delve into the enthralling life story of a true legend – Phil Ivey. Known as the 'Poker Phenom,' this American maestro has not only amassed a jaw-dropping net worth of $100 million but has also revolutionized the game with…
Howard Lederer
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2. Howard Lederer

Net Worth: $60 Million

From poker legend to controversial figure, Howard Lederer's extraordinary life is unveiled in an exclusive Vogue exposé. Get ready to have your mind blown as we delve into the captivating story of a man who has left an indelible mark on the world of poker. With a net worth of a staggering $60 million, Lederer…
Chris Ferguson
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3. Chris Ferguson

Net Worth: $25 Million

From poker prodigy to legendary champion, get ready to delve into the captivating life story of Chris Ferguson! With a net worth of a staggering $25 million, this American sensation has mesmerized the competitive world of poker for decades. Known as 'Jesus' in the high-stakes world, Ferguson's strategic brilliance and enigmatic demeanor have made him…
Antonio Esfandiari
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4. Antonio Esfandiari

Net Worth: $25 Million

Are looking for a poker champion who is living the life of luxury? Antonio Esfandiari is your guy! Born on December 8, 1978 in the United States of America, this professional poker player has won more than $27 million in career winnings alone. His impressive net worth of $25 million has made him one of…
Daniel Negreanu
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5. Daniel Negreanu

Net Worth: $15 Million

Discover the captivating rise of a poker legend! Introducing Daniel Negreanu: the Canadian sensation who has conquered the high-stakes world of poker with his formidable skills and magnetic charisma. Renowned for his unrivaled card sense, this dashing player has become an icon in the industry, amassing a staggering net worth of $15 million. But what…
Michael Mizrachi
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6. Michael Mizrachi

Net Worth: $11.2 Million

"From humble beginnings to poker stardom, Michael Mizrachi has captivated the world with his unmatched skill and unrivaled charisma. Born on January 5th, 1981, this American phenom has become a household name in the realm of professional poker. With a staggering net worth of $11.2 million, Mizrachi's journey is one that every aspiring player dreams…
Michael Graves
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7. Michael Graves

Net Worth: $10 Million

Meet Michael Graves, the professional poker player who has won over $10 million in tournaments and cash games all around the world. Born on July 9th, 1934, this American phenomenon holds a net worth of $10 million with no signs of stopping soon. Learn more about his journey to success as an incredible gambler and…
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8. Tom Dwan

Net Worth: $10 Million

Tom Dwan: The $10 Million Poker Genius Shaking Up the Game! ? ??????? Get ready to be captivated by the extraordinary journey of Tom Dwan, the enigmatic poker legend whose masterful skills have left competitors trembling at their cards. Renowned for his razor-sharp instincts and audacious playing style, this dashing American maverick has become an…
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9. Dario Minieri

Net Worth: $10 Million

From the glitz and glamour of the poker world emerges a true Italian mastermind, Dario Minieri, who has taken the industry by storm. With a net worth of $10 million, this charismatic poker maestro has become an icon in his own right, captivating both seasoned players and greenhorns alike with his strategic brilliance. In this…
Mike Matusow
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10. Mike Matusow

Net Worth: $8 Million

From poker prodigy to millionaire maverick, get ready to delve into the extraordinary life and high-stakes career of Mike Matusow. Known as 'The Mouth' in the electrifying world of professional poker, this American sensation has amassed a jaw-dropping net worth of $8 million! With his captivating persona and unparalleled poker skills, Matusow has become an…