Richest Professional Wrestlers of all time

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Liv Morgan
  • Athlete

1. Liv Morgan

Net Worth: $31 Million

From the squared circle to capturing millions of hearts, Liv Morgan has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of professional wrestling. Known for her electrifying moves and undeniable charisma, this bold and beautiful athlete has taken the WWE by storm. But there's so much more to Liv than meets the eye.…
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2. REAL Scott Hall

Net Worth: $30 Million

From the squared circle to our hearts, REAL Scott Hall has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the world of professional wrestling. Hailed as one of the most charismatic and talented athletes in his field, this Cuban-American legend's journey from rags to riches is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Prepare yourself for a gripping tale of…
Jeff Jarrett
  • Athlete

3. Jeff Jarrett

Net Worth: $20 Million

Jeff Jarrett is an American professional wrestler and entrepreneur who, off the strength of his athleticism, discipline, and ambition has achieved global success as both a grappler and a business leader. With a net worth of $20 million, this fifty-four year old dynamo has earned the wealth and respect of millions around the world. But…
CM Punk
  • Athlete

4. CM Punk

Net Worth: $15 Million

CM Punk is an American professional wrestler who has taken the world of sports entertainment by storm. Born on October 26, 1978, CM Punk has earned his net worth of $15 million by winning countless wrestling competitions all over the world. He is a two-time World Heavyweight Champion and one of the most decorated wrestlers…
Jon Moxley
  • Athlete

5. Jon Moxley

Net Worth: $12 Million

From the ring to the spotlight, meet Jon Moxley: The Bad Boy of Professional Wrestling who has taken the entertainment industry by storm. With his fierce persona and unparalleled athleticism, this American powerhouse has become a household name for wrestling enthusiasts worldwide. But there's more to Jon Moxley than meets the eye. In this exclusive…
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6. Amy Dumas (WWE Lita)

Net Worth: $7 Million

Introducing the one, the only; WWE Hall of Famer, Amy Dumas – better known by her ring name Lita! She is an American professional wrestler who has taken home multiple championships since her debut in 1999. From a four-time WWE women’s champion to being inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2014, this powerhouse has…
  • Politician

7. Kane

Net Worth: $7 Million

Kane, born Glen Jacobs, is a living legend among politicians and professional wrestlers. Born April 26th, 1967 in the United States, Kane has amassed an extraordinary net worth of $7 Million from his success in both fields. But how did he make it so big? That’s what we want to explore today – the untold…
Sasha Banks
  • Athlete

8. Sasha Banks

Net Worth: $5 Million

Sasha Banks, the stunningly beautiful and fiercely talented American professional wrestler, has become an icon in the wrestling world since making her debut in 2012. Born on January 26, 1992, Banks has made a name for herself as one of WWE's most successful female wrestlers. She is worth $5 million today and continues to push…
Stacy Keibler
  • Athlete

9. Stacy Keibler

Net Worth: $4.5 Million

Stacy Keibler is an American professional wrestler, actress and model who has made quite the name for herself in the entertainment industry. Born on October 14th, 1979, this 39-year old powerhouse of a woman has accumulated a reported net worth of $4.5 million dollars through her diverse set of career choices. From the glamour of…
Mark Henry
  • Olympic Weightlifter

10. Mark Henry

Net Worth: $4.5 Million

Meet the powerful and iconic Mark Henry, born June 12th, 1971. From American powerlifter to world-renowned Olympic weightlifter and professional wrestler, this incredible athlete has achieved incredible success throughout his career. With a net worth of over $4.5 million and 24 years in the WWE alone, Mark Henry is an icon, setting records and making…