Richest Snowboarders of all time

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Jake Burton Carpenter
  • Businessman

1. Jake Burton Carpenter

Net Worth: $300 Million

"From conquering mountains to transforming an entire industry, Jake Burton Carpenter has left an indelible mark on the world of snowboarding. Discover the extraordinary journey of this trailblazing icon in our exclusive biography. ? ??? Born on April 29, 1954, this charismatic and fearless man revolutionized winter sports forever. As the founder of Burton Snowboards,...
Shaun White
  • Skateboarder

2. Shaun White

Net Worth: $65 Million

Shaun White is an iconic figure in extreme sports, having achieved success and recognition in both snowboarding and skateboarding. Born on September 3, 1986, the American athlete has taken part in numerous competitions and championships over the years, becoming renowned for his daredevil tricks, natural talent and unwavering commitment. His achievements have made him one…
Torah Bright
  • Athlete

3. Torah Bright

Net Worth: $6 Million

Torah Bright is a groundbreaking female athlete who has consistently challenged the status-quo. An Australian snowboarder, Torah was born in 1986 and started shredding the slopes at eight years old. This Olympic gold medalist, X Games winner, and world champion isn't just an incredible sports star though – she's also an inspiring entrepreneur, businesswoman, and...
Louie Vito
  • Actor

4. Louie Vito

Net Worth: $2 Million

Introducing Louie Vito, an American snowboarder, athlete and actor who has achieved unprecedented success in all three fields. From his early childhood in Ohio to the million-dollar net worth he enjoys today, Vito’s story is truly inspiring. His rise to fame began when he earned two gold medals at the 2006 World Cup in Santiago…
Kevin Pearce
  • Snowboarder

5. Kevin Pearce

Net Worth: $1 Million

Introducing the remarkable Kevin Pearce, a gifted U.S.-born snowboarder whose career has taken him from professional sports to full-blown stardom! Born on November 1st in 1987, he burst onto the scene with an impressive competitive performance before transforming himself into a global icon of the sport. With his wealth rising beyond $1 million and a…