Richest Sports analysts of all time

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Jalen Rose
  • Sports analyst

1. Jalen Rose

Net Worth: $60 Million

Jalen Rose is a sports analyst, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who has made an incredible impact on the world of basketball for more than two decades. Born on January 30th 1973, this Detroit native rose to become a professional player in the NBA. But it's his work as a commentator and analyst since retiring from basketball…
Nomar Garciaparra
  • Baseball player

2. Nomar Garciaparra

Net Worth: $45 Million

From baseball icon to sports analyst, Nomar Garciaparra has had an illustrious career that has carved his name in the annals of American sports history. His feats on the field are nothing short of legendary, and his winning attitude and dedication to excellence have inspired millions of fans across the globe. In this gripping biography,…
Dan Marino
  • Actor

3. Dan Marino

Net Worth: $35 Million

Introducing Dan Marino, the talented American football player and restaurateur who has made an indelible mark in his field. Born on September 15 1961, Marino rose to stardom due to his skills as a Quarterback for the formerly named Miami Dolphins which brought him 8 Pro-Bowl selections and several NFL records. He has also been…
Johnny Miller
  • Actor

4. Johnny Miller

Net Worth: $20 Million

The legendary golfer and Sports Analysts, Johnny Miller, has been in the spotlight for over 4 decades. Born on April 29th 1947, this American professional golfer has left his mark all around the world with an impressive net worth of $20 million. His career as a commentator and actor further cemented his place in the…
Greg Anthony
  • Athlete

5. Greg Anthony

Net Worth: $10 Million

Introducing Greg Anthony, the ex-NBA star with 10 million in net worth and a career that continues to soar: he's an American professional basketball player turned sports analyst! His remarkable achievements at the National Basketball Association have made him a distinguished figure in the game. From accumulating individual awards to winning back-to-back titles, he has...
Adam Schefter
  • Journalist

6. Adam Schefter

Net Worth: $4 Million

Adam Schefter – the veteran American sports journalist, writer and analyst – is one of today's biggest names in sportscasting. A familiar face in almost any NFL broadcast, as well as a prolific television personality with millions of social media followers, his career has flourished over the years. Born on December 21, 1966, Adam Schefter’s…
Marcus Allen
  • American football player

7. Marcus Allen

Net Worth: $4 Million

Marcus Allen is an American icon. As one of the greatest football players and sports analysts of all time, he has achieved a tremendous level of success that places him amongst the elites in his field. Born on March 26th 1960, this incredible man has paved the way for generations to come with his remarkable…
Chris Spielman
  • American football player

8. Chris Spielman

Net Worth: $4 Million

Chris Spielman has been a household name since he first stepped onto the football field in 1965. Born on October 11, 1965, this renowned American Football Player and Sports Analyst has done it all. Chris is famous for winning the Heisman trophy for Ohio State University in 1987 and being named to four Pro Bowls…
  • Sports analyst

9. Todd McShay

Net Worth: $2 Million

Todd McShay is the never-aging sports analyst we all know and love. If you are passionate about NFL football, then you have come to the right place! With a successful career spanning almost 20 years, Todd’s expertise in making decisive predictions on players and teams continues to stand out in the competitive industry of sports…