Richest Stand-up comedians of all time

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Jamie Foxx
  • Actor

1. Jamie Foxx

Net Worth: $85 Million

Award-winning actor, singer, musician and comedian Jamie Foxx has a glittering career that spans over three decades in the entertainment industry. Famously known for his lead role in Ray (2004), this Academy Award-winning superstar is truly an all-round entertainer who’s worth $85 million. From stand-up comedy to singing and acting, Jamie Foxx has done it…
Brad Garrett
  • Actor

2. Brad Garrett

Net Worth: $50 Million

Brad Garrett is an American actor, voice actor, television producer and professional poker player who has earned many accolades for his work in the entertainment business. In addition to being a multi-talented individual, Garrett has also become a household name with roles such as Robert Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond or Eddie Stark from 'Til…
Ron White
  • Actor

3. Ron White

Net Worth: $40 Million

From stand-up stages to silver screens, Ron White has become a comedic legend and household name. Known for his quick wit, southern charm, and signature glass of scotch, this charismatic funnyman has captivated audiences worldwide with his rib-tickling performances. With a net worth of $40 million, White's journey from humble beginnings to comedic superstardom is…
Denis Leary
  • Actor

4. Denis Leary

Net Worth: $40 Million

He's the multi-talented, quick-witted funnyman who has been making audiences laugh for decades. You know him from his iconic roles in films like "The Ref," "Ice Age," and "Rescue Me." But there's so much more to Denis Leary than just his impressive Hollywood career. In this exclusive biography, we delve deep into the life of…
Zach Galifianakis
  • Actor

5. Zach Galifianakis

Net Worth: $20 Million

From breakout comedian to Hollywood's beloved funnyman, Zach Galifianakis has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with his quick wit and infectious charm. With a career spanning over two decades, this multifaceted entertainer has conquered stand-up comedy stages, graced the silver screen in blockbuster hits, and even produced his own television shows. But what...
Aziz Ansari
  • Actor

6. Aziz Ansari

Net Worth: $17 Million

From stand-up stages to the small screen, Aziz Ansari has become a household name with his unmatched wit and charming humor. This brilliant multi-talented entertainer has conquered the comedy world, leaving audiences in stitches with his hilarious observations about love, relationships, and everyday life. But behind the laughter lies a captivating story of triumph and...
Craig Ferguson
  • Author

7. Craig Ferguson

Net Worth: $16 Million

From humorous late-night interviews to captivating stand-up performances, Craig Ferguson has established himself as a multi-talented entertainer who never fails to leave his audience in stitches. With a net worth of $16 million and an impressive career spanning multiple platforms, this British-American phenomenon continues to dominate the world of comedy. In this exclusive...
Brendon Small
  • Actor

8. Brendon Small

Net Worth: $12 Million

"Brendon Small: The Multi-Talented Maestro Revealed – You Won't Believe His Journey! Step into the extraordinary world of Brendon Small, a man who has conquered not just one, but multiple creative realms. From his mind-blowing voice acting skills to his impeccable talent as an animator, writer, producer, and musician – this Renaissance man has left…
Kapil Sharma
  • Stand-up comedian

9. Kapil Sharma

Net Worth: $10 Million

From humble beginnings to comedic stardom, Kapil Sharma has emerged as India's beloved stand-up comedian with an empire worth $10 million. This exclusive biography delves into the extraordinary journey of a man who turned laughter into his superpower. Prepare to be captivated by the rise and triumphs of this Indian sensation, as we uncover untold…
Gerry Dee
  • Actor

10. Gerry Dee

Net Worth: $10 Million

"Gerry Dee: The Hilarious Journey of Canada's Multi-Talented Funnyman" He's the comedy powerhouse that has tickled the funny bones of millions worldwide, captivating audiences with his quick wit and infectious humor. With a career spanning over two decades, Gerry Dee has firmly established himself as one of Canada's most beloved entertainers. From...