Richest Technicians of all time

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Brian Henson
  • Actor

1. Brian Henson

Net Worth: $150 Million

Brian Henson is the son of an iconic puppeteer and a renowned filmmaker – Jim Henson. He has achieved unprecedented success in his own right, with a remarkable net worth of $150 million and a portfolio that spans across professions in film production, television direction, vocal acting, acting, puppeteering, and more. His unparalleled success as…
  • Technician

2. Gus Sorola

Net Worth: $3 Million

Have you ever wanted to know the story behind one of the most successful tech technicians and voice actors in history? Gus Sorola has established a name for himself as a tech expert and celebrity voice actor since rising to fame in 1978. Born on February 22, 1978, this United States native has managed to…