Richest Webmasters of all time

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Chad Hurley
  • Businessman

1. Chad Hurley

Net Worth: $700 Million

From a humble beginnings to a force of innovation and wealth, Chad Hurley's captivating journey is one that demands your attention. This tech prodigy has taken the world by storm, revolutionizing how we consume and share content online. As the co-founder of YouTube, Hurley forever changed the landscape of media and catapulted himself into the…
Jon Hein
  • Radio personality

2. Jon Hein

Net Worth: $7.5 Million

From humbly launching a personal website to achieving radio stardom, Jon Hein has become an undeniable force in the entertainment industry. With his charismatic personality and unmatched expertise, this American radio personality-turned-webmaster has captivated audiences worldwide. Now, prepare to delve into the extraordinary journey that brought him fame and fortune as we...