“Pretty in Pink” star Jon Cryer spotlighted his feud with Andrew McCarthy

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Jon Cryer, notable for his role in “Pretty in Pink,” recently opened up about his past conflict with co-star Andrew McCarthy. This revelation came during a question and answer session at the Tribeca Film Festival. The actors, key figures during the 1980s ‘Brat Pack’ era, have since resolved their differences from the time of filming in 1986.

The feud originated from personal conflicts during the production of “Pretty in Pink.” Cryer candidly mentioned, “When we had done ‘Pretty in Pink’ together, we did not get along because he was a d—.” McCarthy corroborated this by saying, “That’s very true.” The dispute continued until a warm reconciliation in 2012 in the greenroom of ‘The View,’ where McCarthy apologized to Cryer leading to what Cryer described as “a lovely moment… It was immediately warm.”

Others close to the situation added their perspectives as well. Demi Moore, who worked with both actors but never encountered similar issues with McCarthy, commented that she didn’t think he was difficult. Cryer responded to this by noting, “Well he wasn’t a d— to you.”

Adding to the context is an upcoming documentary titled “Brats” examining the significance of the ‘Brat Pack’, featuring interviews with actors like Demi Moore and Rob Lowe, besides Cryer and McCarthy themselves.

Turning back a little into history, Pretty in Pink marked an iconic period known as the ‘Brat Pack’ era which grouped young actors frequently seen together across various influential teen drama films during the 80s. Besides fostering significant cinematic milestones, this era sculpted lasting relationships among these actors—sometimes tumultuous yet pivotal as seen through Jon Cryer and Andrew McCarthy’s journey from discord to friendship.

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