Celebrities who weigh 104 Kg or 229 lbs

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Alex Rodriguez
  • Athlete

1. Alex Rodriguez

Net Worth: $410 Million

Alex Rodriguez is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in American sports history. The former baseball player's career spanned over two decades, during which he earned numerous accolades and broke multiple records. But aside from his achievements on the field, A-Rod's personal life has also garnered plenty of attention and speculation—from his high-profile...
Peyton Manning
  • Athlete

2. Peyton Manning

Net Worth: $260 Million

Experience Super Bowl Champion Peyton Manning's epic story with us! America's most celebrated and beloved professional athlete, Peyton Manning, has accomplished extraordinary feats on-and-off the field since his college career at Tennessee. He is an American football quarterback who played in the NFL for 18 seasons with two teams — thirteen years with the...
Vernon Wells
  • Actor

3. Vernon Wells

Net Worth: $75 Million

From the iconic performance in "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" to his unquestionable star power as Agent Greer in TV's "Designated Survivor," Vernon Wells has made an indelible mark on Hollywood. But what you may not know is that behind this charismatic actor lies a fascinating story of grit, determination, and perseverance.…
Tony Romo
  • Athlete

4. Tony Romo

Net Worth: $75 Million

Tony Romo, born April 21, 1980 in America, is an American professional athlete that has been making waves since 2006 when he joined the National Football League (NFL) as quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Since then he's made a name for himself by becoming one of the most iconic players of his era – breaking…
Rasheed Wallace
  • Basketball player

5. Rasheed Wallace

Net Worth: $75 Million

Rasheed Wallace is America's most beloved retired professional basketball player, notorious for his championship-winning skills and renowned trash-talking game. He has been a highly recognizable figure in the sports industry since he first entered the court in 1995 with the Washington Bullets. With an impressive career of 15 years, during which he played for several…
Darius Leonard
  • American football linebacker

6. Darius Leonard

Net Worth: $70 Million

Exclusive: Inside the Untold Saga of Darius Leonard – From Underdog to Millionaire Mastermind Prepare to be captivated by the thrilling rise of American football’s newfound legend, Darius Leonard. This enigmatic linebacker has shattered records, forged an empire, and amassed an astonishing net worth of $70 million before his 30th birthday. From humble beginnings in…
Patrick Mahomes
  • Athlete

7. Patrick Mahomes

Net Worth: $70 Million

Meet Patrick Mahomes, the 25-year-old NFL superstar who just won two MVPs and a Super Bowl. A Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, this prodigy is taking the NFL world by storm with his excellence on and off the field. With an estimated net worth of $70 million, Patrick has become one of America's leading sports icons…
Bryce Harper
  • Athlete

8. Bryce Harper

Net Worth: $70 Million

Bryce Harper is the man of the hour – a force to be reckoned with in the world of baseball. This iconic athlete has set multiple records and has won countless accolades, solidifying himself as one of the game's most remarkable players. But there's so much more to Bryce than just his skills on the…
  • Baseball player

9. Ken Griffey Jr. (MLB)

Net Worth: $65 Million

From the baseball diamond to the Hall of Fame: Get ready to dive into the extraordinary life of MLB legend Ken Griffey Jr.! With a career spanning over two decades, this captivating sports icon has cemented his place in history as one of America's greatest athletes. Known for his unmatched talent, effortless charisma, and electrifying…
Jimmy Butler
  • Athlete

10. Jimmy Butler

Net Worth: $65 Million

Jimmy Butler is an award-winning American professional basketball player who has risen from humble beginnings to whirlwind success. Born on September 14, 1989 in Texas, his incredible talent and drive have earned him a net worth of nearly $65 million. With five trips to the NBA All-Star game and two gold medals for the US…