Celebrities who are 121 years old

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Walt Disney
  • Snow

1. Walt Disney

Net Worth: $5 Billion

The Man Behind the Magic: Unveiling the Extraordinary Life of Walt Disney. From Snow to Stardom, Meet the Mastermind Who Created an Empire Worth $5 Billion! Prepare to be enchanted as we delve into the captivating journey of Walt Disney, the visionary genius who gave birth to a world where dreams come true. This unprecedented…
Gary Cooper
  • Actor

2. Gary Cooper

Net Worth: $100 Million

Gary Cooper was a legendary Hollywood actor who left an everlasting impression on the world with his strong-willed characters, calm persona, and slow yet deliberate delivery. Born in Montana on May 7th 1901, Cooper's career spanned decades, becoming one of the highest paid and most respected actors in America – with a staggering net worth…
Charles Lindbergh
  • Author

3. Charles Lindbergh

Net Worth: $20 Million

Meet Charles Lindbergh, a legendary man of many talents who changed the world. A daring American pilot, author, inventor, peace activist, explorer and social activist whose famous feat was his historic solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927. He paved the way for modern aviation and set multiple records as well as inspiring millions…
Marlene Dietrich
  • Actor

4. Marlene Dietrich

Net Worth: $20 Million

She was beyond her time, a woman who defied norms and broke barriers. She was none other than Marlene Dietrich – the iconic singer, actor, violinist, and musician born on December 27th, 1901 in the United States of America. Famous for her stunning performances in Hollywood movies and as a legendary cabaret performer during World…
Ed Sullivan
  • Special Effects

5. Ed Sullivan

Net Worth: $10 Million

Award-winning special effects artist and television icon Ed Sullivan is the grand old man of show business. Born on September 28, 1901 in the United States of America, he achieved an astonishing net worth of $10 Million Dollars throughout his celebrated career. His innovative TV show from 1948 – 1971 catapulted many iconic stars into…
Louis Armstrong
  • Musician

6. Louis Armstrong

Net Worth: $10 Million

Step into the jazz-filled world of the iconic Louis Armstrong, a musical genius whose extraordinary talent continues to captivate audiences worldwide. From his humble beginnings in New Orleans to becoming a renowned singer and musician, Armstrong's journey is one that deserves our undivided attention. Have you ever wondered what it takes to achieve greatness? This...
  • Businessperson

7. Eiji Tsuburaya

Net Worth: $5 Million

Eiji Tsuburaya is one of Japan's most successful and influential filmmakers. Born on July 7, 1901, Eiji has worked as a cinematographer, director of special effects, television producer, businessperson, and film director over his illustrious career. His influence in the industry has earned him a net worth estimated at $5 million. From "Godzilla" to...
Bobby Jones
  • Architect

8. Bobby Jones

Net Worth: $5 Million

Bobby Jones is an American icon that has made a lasting impact in sports and law. An iconic lawyer, golfer, and architect, Jones is well-known for being one of the founders of Augusta National Golf Club and winning thirteen major championships during his time as a professional golfer. He was also the founder of the…
George Raft
  • Actor

9. George Raft

Net Worth: $1 Million

Get the insider’s view on one of Hollywood’s most notorious bad boys, George Raft! Born on September 26, 1901 in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City, this dapper actor and dancer became famous for his gangster roles. His impressive career spanned over four decades and remains legendary even now. He made an estimated fortune of $1…
Langston Hughes
  • Poet

10. Langston Hughes

Net Worth:

Discover the captivating life of Langston Hughes, the Pakistani-born poet who revolutionized American literature and became a voice for the marginalized. In this riveting article, we delve into the extraordinary journey of one of the most iconic figures in literary history. Langston Hughes soared above social boundaries and defied conventions, using his powerful words to...