Celebrities who are 84 years old

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  • Owner of Ferrero SpA

1. Maria Franca Fissolo

Net Worth: $33.4 Billion

Meet Maria Franca Fissolo—the billionaire entrepreneur and owner of the world-renowned multinational confectionary company Ferrero SpA. At 81 years old, this Italian businesswoman is not only one of the wealthiest women in Italy, but one of the wealthiest individuals worldwide with a staggering net worth of $33.4 billion. How did she amass such a fortune?…
  • Businesswoman

2. Elaine Tettemer Marshall

Net Worth: $15.4 Billion

"From humble beginnings to unimaginable wealth, Elaine Tettemer Marshall has built an empire that surpasses even the wildest dreams. This self-made businesswoman has not only defied all odds but also shattered glass ceilings at every turn. With a net worth of $15.4 billion, she's not just one of the richest women in America – she's…
Herbert Kohler Jr
  • Businessman

3. Herbert Kohler Jr

Net Worth: $5.7 Billion

Herbert Kohler Jr. is an iconic American businessman that has made history in the world of wealth and entrepreneurship. With a net worth estimated at $5.7 billion as of 2020, Kohler’s success in achieving global recognition in the business world is something to be admired. Born on February 20, 1939, Herbert came from humble beginnings…
  • Businesswoman

4. Lynn Schusterman

Net Worth: $5 Billion

Meet Lynn Schusterman: the trailblazing businesswoman and philanthropist who has built a net worth of $5 billion! Born on January 21, 1939 in Oklahoma City, Lynn’s entrepreneurial spirit has pushed her to make her mark as one of the world’s most successful self-made billionaires. From founding the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation and donating…
Laurence Graff
  • Richest Billionaires

5. Laurence Graff

Net Worth: $4.6 Billion

He is fabulously known as ‘The King of Diamonds’ and renowned as the richest UK billionaire, Laurence Graff has created a legacy that has become immortal in the world of jewelry and precious gems. Born on June 13, 1938, this 81-year-old entrepreneur is an icon and inspiration for many aspiring jewellers worldwide. His net worth…
Hans Melchers
  • Richest Billionaires

6. Hans Melchers

Net Worth: $2.8 Billion

Are you curious to know who's the man behind the extraordinary success of one of Europe's largest independent financial services and asset management companies? Meet Hans Melchers, one of the richest billionaires alive today. Born on May 18, 1938, this remarkable Dutch billionaire is worth an estimated $2.8 billion earned through his immense business acumen…
  • De'Longhi

7. Giuseppe De’Longhi

Net Worth: $2.6 Billion

Giuseppe De'Longhi is a name to be reckoned with. He is the President of the iconic Italian appliance maker, De'Longhi, and was born on April 24th 1939 in Treviso, Italy. With an estimated net worth of $2.6 billion, he enjoys immense success both professionally and financially. Known for his business acumen and world-class leadership skills…
Ted Turner
  • Businessman

8. Ted Turner

Net Worth: $2.2 Billion

Get ready to get inspired by the hustle of Ted Turner, the extraordinary businessman who became a billionaire pioneer of cable news networks! Born on November 19, 1938 in the United States, this American mogul has an estimated net worth of $2.2 billion and a career that will inspire anyone to achieve success. As founder…
Rahul Bajaj
  • Businessman

9. Rahul Bajaj

Net Worth: $2.2 Billion

Rahul Bajaj is a billionaire businessman and chairman of the multimillion-dollar Indian conglomerate, the Bajaj Group. Born on June 10th, 1938 in India, he has achieved tremendous success in life and is now worth an estimated $2.2 billion! Known for his remarkable ability to turn around failing businesses into flourishing enterprises, read on to find…
  • Chairman of Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

10. K. Anji Reddy

Net Worth: $1.5 Billion

From humble beginnings to a billionaire empire, the remarkable journey of K. Anji Reddy is one that will leave you in awe. As the founder and chairman of Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, this Indian entrepreneur has taken the pharmaceutical world by storm. With a net worth of a staggering $1.5 billion, it's no wonder that Reddy's…