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Alison Pill
Full name: Alison Pill
Birthday: November 27, 1985
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $2 Million

Acclaimed award-winning actress and Canadian national Alison Pill is making waves in Hollywood with her remarkable talent. From playing Anne Frank’s sister on Broadway to her performance in HBO’s acclaimed The Newsroom, Pill has been gracing the theatre and small screen alike for years.

But what else do we know about this rising superstar? Are you ready to learn more about our favorite Canadian star’s career, life, family – and net worth?

Then join us as we dive into the fascinating biography of Alison Pill! Brace yourselves for an exciting journey through Pill’s successes, struggles, and milestones throughout her extraordinary career.

It’s time to discover what makes this multi-talented actor a true icon of the stage and screen!

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Where Is Alison Pill From and Where Was Alison Pill Born

Alison Pill is an award-winning actor and theater director hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Born on November 27th, 1985, she started her career in television early and rose to fame with the likes of Milk (2008) and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010).

Today she has become a celebrated actress for roles such as Starz' The Family and Hulu's Looking For Alaska. Known for her contagious upbeat energy, Alison Pill is a force of nature in Hollywood.

Her unapologetic ambition and enthusiasm has earned her many awards along with the admiration of critics all over the world. She had successfully overcome any obstacles that came her way which only further attests to how dedicated she is about what she does best: acting!

With nearly two decades under her belt, it’s no wonder why people love seeing more of Alison Pill onstage or onscreen during every one of her projects.

How Old is Alison Pill? Alison Pill Age and Birthday Info

Alison Pill is 37 years old. Born in Toronto, Ontario on November 27, 1985, Alison Pill is a Canadian actor best known for her roles in "The Newsroom," "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" and "American Horror Story."

Her career began as a child actor at age 10 and she has gone onto great success since then with her recent starring role in Hulu's anthology series "Dollface," released in 2019. In 2023, Pill celebrates 38 years of life with numerous award nominations and over 50 film and television credits to her name.

She recently married Ratter's Ashton Sanders who encourages her to pursue all of what life has to offer – including continuing to tell meaningful stories that move audiences everywhere.

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What is Alison Pill’s Zodiac Sign

Alison Pill is a Sagittarius. This zodiac sign typically means that Alison is upbeat, independent, and motivated by a desire to learn and explore.

As an actor/actress, these traits are ideal for success in her profession - the confidence and ability to take risks allow her to move confidently throughout her career with clear direction. She's also known for having higher levels of energy which helps sustain motivation during long days on set or auditioning for multiple roles.

Additionally, she's able to look at every situation using a variety of perspectives; giving her character work more depth than most actors possess. For Alison Pill, being born as a Sagittarius works in her favor as she continues on through her acting journey and takes advantage of all the opportunities available along the way.

How Did Alison Pill Get Famous?

Alison Pill became famous and popular for her performance in the 2006 movie The Lieutenant of Inishmore, where she earned two million dollars. Her charismatic portrayal of Mairead captivated audiences across the globe and firmly established Alison as a force to be reckoned with.

Since then, Alison has starred in several successful TV shows and movies such as In Treatment, The Newsroom, American Horror Story: Cult, Zoom etc., exemplifying her range and talent onscreen. She is now 37 years old and one of Hollywood's most beloved stars with an impressive portfolio that has won fans worldwide.

Her fame only continues to grow with each project she takes on; her presence always manages to elevate any piece she’s involved in. From Oscar-nominated performances to recurring roles on hit television shows, Alison Pill is quickly becoming one of today’s hottest stars—and it looks like her streak may never end.

With an eye towards the future, this up-and-coming starlet continues to make waves in Hollywood—and show no signs of stopping anytime soon!

Alison Pill Net Worth and Earnings

Alison Pill has an estimated net worth of $2 million. She accumulated her wealth primarily through her Hollywood career in movies such as The Lieutenant of Inishmore and many others.

At 37, Pill is one of the most sought-after actresses in the industry today - a departure from her humble beginnings working on projects with little to no recognition. But hard work paves roads to success, and this Hollywood starlet now commands the silver screen with confidence and breathtaking performances.

With a penchant for experimental roles, Alison continues to surprise viewers worldwide; while critics praise her ability to embody any character she takes on. From gripping dramas to lighthearted comedies - Alison Pill continues to dominate both genres with charm and finesse!

Alison Pill Nationality and Ethnicity

Alison Pill is a Canadian actor of Estonian, Swedish, Ukrainian and Polish ethnicity. Her multi-ethnic background has played an integral part in her success as an actress today; it allows her to bring an incredible range of distinct characters and experiences to the stage and screen.

It's inspiring to see how Pill uses her varied cultural heritage as something that enriches the characters she plays, deepening them into compelling stories with striking nuance. As Pill pushes boundaries with every new role she takes on, we will feel the power of seeing a person who feels connected to multiple cultures explore them in its depths through the art of acting.

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Alison Pill Body Measurements

Height: 168 cm or 5′5″
Weight: No Data
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Regular blond
Hair style: No Data
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: Yes

Alison Pill’s body measurements are 34-24-34. As an actress, Alison has often talked about the need to maintain a certain body type for roles.

Her height of 168 cm allows her to appear taller on camera with the right shoes and angles. Her toned physique of 34-24-34 gives her versatility in playing various characters, from athletic heroines to elegant leading ladies.

Alison’s regular blonde hair and warm brown eyes add to her charm and likability as an actress. Overall, her body measurements play an important role in helping her portray different personalities convincingly on screen.

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