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Andre Ingram
Full name: Andre Ingram
Birthday: November 19, 1985
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Zodiac Sign:
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Net Worth: $100 Thousand

American basketball player Andre Ingram is making headlines for an inspiring come-back story! With his humble beginnings to becoming one of the most talked-about stars in the NBA, Andre's 15 year journey to success is truly remarkable.

After a three-week tryout with the Los Angeles Lakers on April 2018, this 33-year old rookie grabbed everyone’s attention and earned 8 points in his debut game. From sleeping on flights and couches while playing part time jobs to becoming a millionaire — here’s how he did it!

Follow along as we uncover how this inspiring story unfolded and learn how you can make your dreams come true too.

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Where Is Andre Ingram From and Where Was Andre Ingram Born

Andre Ingram was born in Richmond, Virginia on November 19, 1985. He is now a professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers and an inspiration to young people everywhere.

As a child growing up in Richmond, Ingram was always passionate about sports and dreamed of one day becoming an NBA star. After graduating from American University with degrees in physics & mathematics, he got his chance when he joined the South Bay Lakers G League team.

From there, his career skyrocketed as he became one of the best three-point shooters of all time and won the 2018-19 NBA Hustle Award for most interceptions in a season. His inspiring rise from humble beginnings shows that anything is possible if you keep your head down and work hard - a motto many aspire to live by today.

Despite being 38-years old, Ingram continues to show us how success can be achieved at any age with determination and focus!

How Old is Andre Ingram? Andre Ingram Age and Birthday Info

Andre Ingram is 37 years old. Born in Richmond, Virginia on November 19th 1985, Andre Ingram has been playing basketball professionally since 2007 and currently stays with the Los Angeles Lakers.

At the ripe age of 37, Andre Ingram continues to live an inspiring life of hard work and dedication, pushing forward his career in the NBA as if he was just starting out at age 22. With a successful professional career behind him now spanning 15 years, his veteran experience combined with his unbridled hope for what's ahead makes him one of the most beloved players in the league.

He is celebrated as much for his incredible playstyles as he is for contributing to making dreams come true – both on and off court. Andre Ingram's journey through professional basketball has been an amazing example of how anyone can make their mark whatever their age or background may be!

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What is Andre Ingram’s Zodiac Sign

Andre Ingram is a Scorpio, born November 19th, 1985. This sign is known for its passion and energy, making it the perfect choice for any NBA player.

As a Scorpio, he is ambitious and determined which has been key elements of his successful career as a basketballer. He approaches his profession with heart and soul that few can match; by balancing his competitive spirit with intangible intuition, he creates an unstoppable force on the court.

His Mysterious persona allows him to read opponents' actions and always come out one step ahead—a trait invaluable to any team's success. Off the court, Andre exudes charisma and charm that have captivated fans everywhere; he captures hearts wherever he goes.

With sun-sign ruled by both Mars & Pluto — two planets – this makes for an intense bundle of determination that drives him to achieve greatness in both sport & life!

Andre Ingram Net Worth and Earnings

Andre Ingram is estimated to be worth around $100 Thousand. After a career that encompassed almost two decades of dedicated play, the 37-year-old powerhouse has amassed wealth through both his salary and endorsements.

From joining top teams such as the Lakers in 2018 to signing with the Rockets in 2020, Ingram's influence in the NBA is palpable. As a result of his professional accomplishments over the years, he was recently featured on ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary series.

It highlighted every stage of his basketball journey, while simultaneously honoring those who helped him get where he is today; living proof that hard work and determination always pays off! Along with appearing as an analyst on TNT's Inside The NBA show from time to time, Andre continues to remain relevant amongst other stars within this generation’s ever-evolving sports landscape.

His success has been attributed by many towards representing resilience and athleticism at its finest – despite any barrier or difficulty encountered along this path.

Andre Ingram Nationality and Ethnicity

Andre Ingram is an American national and of American ethnicity. His story showcases the intersection of his personal history and his professional career - in which he proved to be one of the best NBA players in the league.

Since joining the league, a major part of Andre's success has been attributed to a proud sense of heritage that expresses itself through fierce competitiveness on court. Being an African-American player, he likes to take pride in representing not only himself, but also his ethnic background at all times - be it when inspiring kids from disadvantaged backgrounds or when competing against some of the toughest opponents around America.

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Andre Ingram Body Measurements

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