Richest Male Celebrities

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  • Technology company

1. Microsoft

Net Worth: $1785 Billion

"From humble beginnings to global domination, he is the tech titan who needs no introduction. Meet Microsoft – the man behind the groundbreaking technology that has revolutionized our world. With a net worth of a staggering $1785 billion and continuing to soar, this American genius is living proof that dreams really do come true. In…
Berkshire Hathaway
  • Multinational conglomerate company

2. Berkshire Hathaway

Net Worth: $694 Billion

"Discover the untold story of the enigmatic billionaire who has turned a multinational conglomerate into an empire worth a staggering $694 billion! Brace yourselves for a captivating journey into the extraordinary life and mind of Berkshire Hathaway, America’s legendary business magnate. From his humble beginnings to his meteoric rise to fame, this article unveils...
Johnson & Johnson
  • Pharma Company

3. Johnson & Johnson

Net Worth: $435 Billion

"Meet the Man Behind the Billion-Dollar Empire: Johnson & Johnson’s Epic Journey Unveiled! In a world dominated by innovative geniuses, there is one name that stands unrivaled – Johnson & Johnson. This American powerhouse has revolutionized the field of pharmaceuticals and healthcare, amassing a staggering net worth of $435 billion! But who is the...
Mansa Musa
  • Emperor

4. Mansa Musa

Net Worth: $400 Billion

Mansa Musa, the charismatic Emperor that made headlines in 2021 as "the world's wealthiest man", is without a doubt one of the most interesting people to grace the world stage. He was an African ruler who reigned from 1312-1337 and has been highlighted for his achievements throughout history. This article seeks to go beyond superficial…
  • Businessman

5. Rockefeller

Net Worth: $360 Billion

Introducing the Untold Story of America’s Most Captivating Tycoon – John D. Rockefeller: The Billionaire Who Redefined Success! Step into the lavish world of one of history’s most influential men as we unveil the extraordinary life and towering legacy of business magnate, John D. Rockefeller. From rags to unimaginable riches, this self-made billionaire...
John D. Rockefeller
  • Businessman

6. John D. Rockefeller

Net Worth: $340 Billion

Introducing John D. Rockefeller, one of the richest and most influential tycoons of all time! He single-handedly revolutionized the oil industry and created a vast wealth estimated at $340 Billion. With a history as enduring as his legacy, now you can delve into an exclusive peek inside John D. Rockefeller's life: from his humble beginnings…
Procter and Gamble
  • Consumer goods corporation

7. Procter and Gamble

Net Worth: $336 Billion

"From humble beginnings to an empire worth a staggering $336 billion, the enigmatic figure behind one of the world’s most renowned consumer goods corporations, Procter and Gamble, has captivated the business world and beyond. In this exclusive article, we unveil the untold story of this American powerhouse and reveal the secrets of his incredible rise…
Andrew Carnegie
  • Businessman

8. Andrew Carnegie

Net Worth: $310 Billion

Meet Andrew Carnegie, the businessman who crafted the "American Dream" as we know it today. Born on November 25th in 1835 in Allegheny, Pennsylvania, Carnegie revolutionized the American industry by single-handedly amassing a net worth of over $310 billion throughout his lifetime. Not only did he create a massive steel industry and numerous philanthropic...
  • Russian tsar

9. Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov

Net Worth: $300 Billion

"From ruling over the vast Russian Empire to being one of history’s most intriguing figures, Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov, the legendary Russian tsar, left an indelible mark on the world. In this captivating biography, we delve into the extraordinary life of this enigmatic ruler and uncover his secrets that have remained hidden for decades. Buckle up…
Nicholas II of Russia
  • Politician

10. Nicholas II of Russia

Net Worth: $300 Billion

Nicholas II, the last Emperor of Russia, was born on May 18th, 1868. He is well-known for his reign that lasted from 1894 to 1917 – a time of great changes in Russian history and politics. Nowadays, his legacy continues to fascinate many people over the world. In this article you will find out why…