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Anthony Head
Full name: Anthony Head
Birthday: February 20, 1954
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Net Worth: $3 Million

Anthony Head is a renowned British actor who has made major waves in television, film, theatre and radio across the world. He shot to stardom with his breakout role as Rupert Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer – a performance that earned him several prestigious awards and nominations.

But this is only scratching at the surface of his impressive career! Since then, Head has gone on to appear in numerous high profile works including The Splendid Chowder Show, Merlin and Little Britain.

With an delightfully foppish Estuary English accent setting him apart from other actors in his age group, it’s no surprise Anthony Head continues to be sought after for major roles even today. Dive into this exclusive interview as we uncover what makes this brilliant artist tick!

From his revolutionary approach to acting & fame, to his incredible net worth of $3 Million – stay tuned for an eye-opening glimpse into the life & career of Anthony Head!

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Where Is Anthony Head From and Where Was Anthony Head Born

Anthony Head is an English actor born in Hampstead, London on February 20, 1954. He has appeared in many popular films and television shows including Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Merlin since his breakout role in 1991.

Anthony Head's background and upbringing in England have contributed greatly to his success as a performer, having studied music at school before going onto study drama later on. With a career spanning five decades, he exudes the poise of someone who knows the art of acting inside out; lending gravitas to any script or character he takes on.

As we approach Anthony Head’s septuagenarian age, there remains a timeless sophistication about him that allows audiences to remain enthralled with each new project his selects - whether it be an ad campaign or work behind-the-scenes as director or producer. In life and art alike, Anthony Head continues being an extraordinary performer with the power to captivate people around the world for generations more.

How Old is Anthony Head? Anthony Head Age and Birthday Info

Anthony Head is 69 years old. Born on February 20, 1954 in Hampstead, London, England, U.K., the actor has been a beloved star of both television and film for nearly five decades.

Known for his turn as Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) and King Uther Pendragon in Merlin (2008-2012), Anthony Head’s renowned performances have earned him legions of fans all over the world. At 69 years young, Anthony Head still rocks that timeless charm and wit he has become so well known for – not to mention that enviable mane!

After three Emmy nominations during his time on Buffy and numerous awards at various festivals over several years – from best actor at the Spy Film Festival to Best British Fantasy Feature Film award from the National Board of Review – it’s no surprise this icon looks so good after almost fifty years in show business! We can’t wait to see what else this silver fox has up his sleeve!

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What is Anthony Head’s Zodiac Sign

Anthony Head's Zodiac sign is Pisces, reflecting his artistic nature and sensitivity as an actor. His compassionate nature and intuitive understanding of people makes him relatable in a wide variety of roles and he often brings vivid energy to the screen thanks to his creative vision.

His gentle demeanor has led viewers to root for his characters while also admiring the restraint he exhibits when portraying conflicted or complex personalities. As a professional, Anthony Head understands that hard work is required for success, but knows how to tap into his zen-like Pisces energy to stay grounded amongst life's inevitable ups and downs.

As a true romantic, Anthony Head continues to demonstrate how following your passions can lead you closer towards achieving your dreams - something which will come easily with the help of this sensitive water sign!

How Did Anthony Head Get Famous?

Anthony Head became famous and popular through his acting career in theater, television, and film. He is best known for starring in the hit television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as well as playing in a number of films including Little Britain USA and Johnny English Reborn.

At the age of 69, Anthony Head has become an icon of British culture due to his estuary English accent which he made famous throughout his film appearances and stage performances. Anthony Head's popularity transcends generations; from being Bunny's (Buffy) mentor on Buffy the Vampire Slayer to being the advisor of Jonathan Creek on BBC One's Agatha Christie’s Marple.

His unique style blurs traditional definitions for older actors, breaking down gender barriers with roles that have broadened perceptions about what an older actor can bring to a role. He remains active in both U.K. and U.S productions, captivating audiences with his charm while allowing them into a world of thought-provoking stories that will stay with them long after viewing any one particular work or performance from him or by him..

Anthony Head Net Worth and Earnings

Anthony Head's net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. Now in his late sixties, the British actor best known for his estuary English accent certainly has a lot to show for a career of almost fifty years.

His work in film and television has been highly acclaimed, earning him numerous awards and accolades throughout his life. Originally from Camden Town in London, Anthony Head soon made waves in drama school before heading to film sets across Europe and eventually becoming an established name in Hollywood.

He found success with early roles on shows like 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' and 'Little Britain', while later credits such as 'Merlin' led to an increase of fans from all ages around the world. Today, at 69-years-old, it's clear that Anthony Head's portfolio includes some commercial successes which have enabled him to reap benefits beyond fame alone – wealth wise too!

It looks like what started out as mere talent has grown into quite the impressive empire for this veteran actor; one we can only imagine will keep increasing over time!

Anthony Head Nationality and Ethnicity

Anthony Head is British, with English and some Scottish heritage. His background has played a major role in his success as an actor, with his nationality and ethnicity allowing him to take on roles that fit both sides of the pond.

From playing Prime Minister Robert Sutherland in NBC’s "Free Agents" to Rupert Giles in the beloved WB show "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," he has embraced the culture of both countries while making a lasting impression on audiences worldwide. Anthony Head has proven time and again why Britain's diverse culture provides a wealth of opportunity for all performers.

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Anthony Head Body Measurements

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