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Full name: Apollo Quiboloy
Birthday: April 25, 1950
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Who is Apollo Quiboloy? The spiritual leader.

The controversial figure. The self-proclaimed "Appointed Son of God."

Prepare to enter the captivating world of one of the most enigmatic personalities of our time. Apollo Quiboloy, born on April 25, 1950, has mesmerized millions with his charismatic presence and larger-than-life persona.

From humble beginnings in Davao City, Philippines, he rose to prominence as the founder and leader of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ religious movement. But who is this man behind the spiritual empire?

This highly anticipated biography exposes all: from his early struggles and miraculous encounters to his complex relationships and alleged controversies. Brace yourself for a journey into the mind of a modern-day prophet who claims to have spoken directly with God himself.

With unprecedented access and exclusive interviews, this article offers an undisputed insider's perspective on the life and legacy of Apollo Quiboloy like never before seen. Get ready to uncover secrets that will leave you speechless!

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Where Is Apollo Quiboloy From and Where Was Apollo Quiboloy Born

Apollo Quiboloy is from Davao City, Davao del Sur, Philippines. Born on April 25, 1950, he hails from this vibrant city in the southern part of the Philippines.

Welcome to the enchanting world of Apollo Quiboloy! Hailing from the breathtaking landscapes of Davao City in the mesmerizing region of Davao del Sur, Philippines, this charismatic figure has captured hearts and minds across the globe.

With his trailblazing spirit and magnetic presence, Quiboloy has become a prominent voice in religious circles as a spiritual leader, philanthropist, and musician. Born on April 25th, 1950, his birthplace served as an exquisite backdrop for his extraordinary journey.

Known for its stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, Davao City has undoubtedly shaped Quiboloy's character and ignited his passion for spirituality. Intriguingly enigmatic yet undeniably captivating, Apollo Quiboloy continues to inspire millions with his unwavering faith and profound teachings.

His transformative message resonates deeply within individuals seeking solace amidst life's tribulations. As we delve further into Quiboloy's fascinating world through these pages, be prepared to embark on a remarkable odyssey that will leave you enlightened and forever changed.

How Old is Apollo Quiboloy? Apollo Quiboloy Age and Birthday Info

Apollo Quiboloy is currently 73 years old. In the glamorous world of spiritual leaders and influential figures, Apollo Quiboloy stands out with his wisdom, charisma, and timeless energy.

Born on April 25, 1950, in the vibrant city of Davao City in the Philippines, this enigmatic man has captivated millions around the globe with his unique teachings and magnetic personality. As we celebrate another revolution around the sun on July 15, 2023, Apollo Quiboloy continues to inspire generations with his unwavering dedication to his ministry.

With over seven decades of life experience and unparalleled influence, he remains an icon whose words resonate far beyond our time. Quiboloy's age is merely a number compared to the immense impact he has had on people's lives.

His journey from humble beginnings to becoming a renowned spiritual leader showcases both resilience and determination. As we honor Apollo Quiboloy's remarkable existence today, let us embrace his spirit of love and compassion that transcends any mere calculation of age.

May he continue to light up our paths with his wisdom for many more years to come.

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Apollo Quiboloy Body Measurements

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