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Athina Onassis
Full name: Athina Onassis
Birthday: January 28, 1985
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Net Worth: $1 Billion

Athina Onassis is an extraordinary athlete and equestrian whose net worth stands at a breathtaking 1 billion dollars. Born in France, on January 29th 1985, she has risen to the pinnacle of success while handling both business and sport with unbelievable poise.

With her dashing good looks, jet-setting lifestyle and immense wealth, this glamorous heiress is one of the most captivating accomplishments of our time! Now you can find out more about her fascinating life story as we take you through the ins and outs of Athina Onassis's ascent to fame.

From award-winning athletic triumphs to inheriting billions – a gripping inside story awaits!

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Where Is Athina Onassis From and Where Was Athina Onassis Born

Athina Onassis was born on January 29, 1985 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. She is a descendant of the wealthy shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis and is now an accomplished equestrian athlete and highly sought after public figure.

While her family name carries great significance around the world, Athina herself has continued to make her own mark each and every day. From taking part in prestigious equestrian events around the world to contributing to philanthropic causes close to her heart, she has established herself as a global icon of success who continues to strive for excellence.

With a combination of class, compassion and elegance that defines modern luxury living, Athina Onassis is the ultimate example of a powerful woman making waves in all aspects of life - both now and into the future. Her past accomplishments are too numerous to list here; however it is safe to say that wherever her journey takes here she will create memories that will never be forgotten by those fortunate enough to be by her side.

How Old is Athina Onassis? Athina Onassis Age and Birthday Info

Athina Onassis is 38 years old, born on January 29, 1985 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. She stands tall as an equestrian and athlete living her life with grace and finesse.

Every year Athina celebrates her birthday surrounded by family and friends; this year she rang in her 38th birthday with a lavish celebration at the stunning Château de Groussay overlooking stunning French countryside. Friends say she has not lost an ounce of beauty or charisma; the powerful woman continues to be admired for more than just her famous last name.

Aside from being an equestrian and athlete, Athina is also known for being quite the philanthropist - supporting numerous charities that focus on both animals and children in need around the world. As charismatic as ever, 38 looks simply incredible on Athina Onassis!

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What is Athina Onassis’s Zodiac Sign

Athina Onassis's zodiac sign is Aquarius, which represents creativity, independence, and innovation. As an Aquarius-born equestrian athlete, Athina embraces the qualities of her star sign.

She values her freedom to explore new ideas and is constantly striving for progress in any area of life that she sets her sights on. Whether it’s traveling the world with her horses or mastering a challenging course in record time – Athina has an eye for adventure and ambition to break boundaries.

Plus, as an intelligent trendsetter with a unique approach to training animals, she is often seen alongside some of the most impressive steeds in the sport. Whether in competition or at home - Athina uses those innovative Aquarian energy bursts to bring out the best in herself and others around her; proving that true champions come from within!

How Did Athina Onassis Get Famous?

Athina Onassis is famous and popular for her career as an equestrian athlete. She shot to fame at the age of 23 when she became the first female member of the Onassis dynasty to compete in international show jumping events.

Since then, she has won numerous awards and titles, including four Grand Prix competitions. Her success continued into adulthood with a string of podium finishes that cemented her status as one of the world’s top riders.

For Vogue Magazine: Athina Onassis is a modern force to be reckoned with. Not only is she a prominent equestrian athlete in competitive show jumping, but she's also made history as the first female member of the Onassis family to compete in international events since Maria Callas did so back in 1964!

With four Grand Prix wins under her belt and an impressive list of podium finishes, it's no wonder why this 38-year-old trailblazer is so beloved throughout Athens and beyond. But there's more--it turns out that Athina has quite a flair for business too--she recently teamed up with Hellenic Shipping Enterprises, leveraging their resources to enter markets outside Greece and expand their holdings even further!

A true example of brains meeting brawn!

Athina Onassis Net Worth and Earnings

Athina Onassis's net worth is an astonishing $1 Billion. As a world-renowned equestrian and athlete, she has made her mark in the sporting industry.

At 38 years old, she doesn't show signs of slowing down any time soon. Athina Onassis is famously known for her vast business acumen within the realm of shipping.

She inherited this trait from her late father, Aristotle Onassis, one of Greece’s wealthiest men. Her wealth has enabled her to purchase some of the best equestrian horses money can buy to help further cultivate and expand her expertise within the field - making an impression on various competitions beyond compare.

On May 19th 2023, Athina will be turning 39 and being surrounded by family and friends at a lavish birthday party aboard one of her own ships that will take them around some gorgeous Greek islands! While looking back at how far she has come since starting out as an amateur rider in 2008, it's amazing to witness what this athlete turned mogul could not have achieved without dedication and passion!

Athina Onassis Nationality and Ethnicity

Athina Onassis's nationality is French, with her father being of French and a small amount of Swiss-German, possibly some Italian descent, while her mother is Greek. Her heritage has undoubtedly played an important part in establishing herself as one of the most successful equestrians in the world.

From growing up on the Mediterranean island of Corfu to riding alongside international competitors at Olympic Games and championships around Europe - Athina's versatility and tenacity have helped her reach remarkable success in spite of any obstacles she may face due to her background. As an immigrant athlete competing internationally, not only does she prove that anything can be accomplished through hard work, but also that having a diverse cultural perspective gives you an edge when overcoming challenges throughout your career.

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Athina Onassis Body Measurements

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