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Full name: Avicii Avicii
Birthday: September 08, 1989
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Net Worth: $85 Million

Avicii was the Swedish DJ who completely revolutionized the music industry. Born on September 8, 1989, he is known for introducing electronic dance music to a global audience and breaking boundaries with his innovative sounds.

With over $85 million in net worth and several awards under his belt including American Music Awards, Billboard Music Award, BET award and 2 Grammy nominations – this is a truly remarkable success story of an artist who went from bedroom DJ to world-renowned celebrity. Avicii left behind some incredible works that will continue to inspire generations of musicians after him.

This article dives into the dazzling career of Swedens most successful disc jockey – so forget all your worries and escape into the world of avant-garde beats! Get ready for a journey full of secrets and stories that can only be found exclusively here!

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Where Is Avicii From and Where Was Avicii Born

Avicii, the world-renowned disc jockey, was born in Stockholm, Sweden on September 8th, 1989. A prodigy of electronic music since his early teens, he quickly rose to fame with dance hits such as "Levels" and "Wake Me Up" and has become one of the most acclaimed DJs in music history.

Today Avicii is still a powerhouse in the industry - constantly touring worldwide and pushing boundaries through his boundary-breaking musical collaborations that range from pop stars Rita Ora and Coldplay to fellow superstars David Guetta and Tiësto. Producing records, designing clothes for G-Star RAW and actively supporting charities like Feeding America keep him continually inspired over a decade later.

In line with his evergreen legacy, Avicii’s career shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon; as more people discover although not necessarily align capabilities of creativity multiplied by technical mastery they continue to adore this Swedish artist whose presence can be felt everywhere from the radio to stadiums around the world— providing audiences an escape back into pure dance magic at every turn!

How Old is Avicii? Avicii Age and Birthday Info

Avicii was 33 years old when he tragically passed away in 2018. Born in Stockholm, Sweden on September 8, 1989, the disc jockey and music producer became a globally renowned artist and performer who made electronic dance music accessible to all.

Avicii's birthday was celebrated around the world from his earliest days of fame; his rise to international stardom coming at such a young age had almost no precedence in the music industry. On this day each year, fans would come together to honor his life and legacy with their own special musical events.

His groundbreaking sounds were a genre-defining experience for electronic music lovers far and wide. On May 25th, 2023 - 34 years after Avicii first started producing beats - we take time to remember one of the greatest ever in EDM: Tim Bergling (A.K.A Avicii).

His unique work has inspired generations of artists and continues to influence global popular culture today even four years after his passing away. We can be sure that wherever he is now, Avicii will be smiling knowing that he leaves behind a catalogue of classic hits still loved by countless people around the world!

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What is Avicii’s Zodiac Sign

Avicii's zodiac sign is Virgo. This means that the renowned DJ has a sharp eye for detail and highly values organization, both of which are key skills needed in his dynamic profession.

He also craves success, always pushing himself to reach his fullest potential. As a creative force behind some of the world’s most iconic music releases, Avicii stands out as an astrological standout who combines talent with drive.

Solidly practical by nature yet passionately innovative in practice, this esteemed producer uses logic and common sense to navigate his career — something reflected in all stages of development within each stage of production. His ability to curate full-spectrum soundscapes speaks volumes about this zodiac sign’s powerful aptitude for making real-world impact while keeping within a certain aesthetic framework.

In short, it’s no wonder why Avicii remains at the forefront of the global EDM scene – he truly embodies what it means to be a Virgo disc jockey!

How Did Avicii Get Famous?

Avicii became famous and popular by producing electronic dance music. He rose to fame with his hit singles, such as "Wake Me Up" and "Levels", which made him an international star and one of the most sought after DJs in the world.

From spinning at clubs across Europe to selling out massive stadium shows, Avicii has left an indelible mark on the world of EDM. His signature production style combined unique melody elements with hard-hitting basslines, making it instantly recognizable.

Despite his untimely passing in 2018, Avicii's legacy lives on through his iconic discography that continues to inspire aspiring producers around the globe. On a personal level, Avicii was in a long-term relationship with Racquel Natasha Bettencourt since 2011.

The pair had dated off-and-on throughout their time together before finally tying the knot in August 2019 amidst family and friends. Despite its ups and downs, their relationship exuded warmth and security that made them both truly happy until his death three years later.

Now 33 years old (May 25th 2023), Avicii may have passed away but will be remembered for decades to come through his music that transcends generations and boundaries; a rare talent we can forever cherish.

Avicii Net Worth and Earnings

Avicii's net worth is estimated to be $85 Million according to recent reports. The 33 year old disc jockey has made a huge impact on the music industry with his signature sound.

His career began in Sweden at the age of 16 and quickly became a worldwide sensation. Avicii was instrumental in making electronic dance music even more mainstream, appealing to listeners of all ages.

His work crossed genre lines and blended with pop, rock, country and hip hop, introducing himself as an innovative artist who could collaborate with some of music's biggest stars without compromising vision or integrity. Popular hits such as "Levels", "Wake Me Up" and 'The Nights" cemented his status as one of the most sought after producers in the world.

Avicii tragically passed away on April 20th 2018 but left behind an impressive legacy that will live on for years to come thanks to his loyal fan base. Today Avicii lives on through his groundbreaking musical creations that continue to inspire new generations of DJs around the globe.

Despite leaving us far too soon, Avicii stands among many other musical greats as one whose influence still echoes through their productions over five years later till this day - May 25th 2023 - reminding us that great art never dies!

Earnings 2014 $28 Million
Earnings 2013 $20 Million
Earnings 2012 $7 Million

Avicii Nationality and Ethnicity

Avicii is a Swedish disc jockey of Swedish, Danish and Norwegian descent. His unique blend of cultures has played an important role in his success as an international electronic music artist.

His Swedish roots have given him the courage to experiment with different genres, while his Danish influence enables him to bring a more relaxed attitude towards making music. Avicii's melting pot of nationalities also reflects in many of his tracks - from Scandinavian melodies to smooth trance rhythms - creating a one-of-a-kind sound that captures audiences from all around the world.

His strong sense of identity and cultural background provide inspiration for creativity and freshness in every track he produces.

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Avicii Body Measurements

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