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Brian Bedford
Full name: Brian Bedford
Birthday: February 16, 1935
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Net Worth: $2 Million

The astounding career of British actor and theatre director, Brian Bedford, has earned him an entertaining place among distinguished thespians. Born on February 16th, 1935 in Morley, West Riding of Yorkshire, England, his immense net worth of $2 million is indicative of the recognition he has achieved around the world.

This article examines the remarkable life and works of Brian Bedford to reveal why he remains one of the most celebrated figures in stage and screen history today. From renowned plays to Tony-Award winning performances; from Hollywood movies to Broadway shows – this captivating read will take you through all these milestones and more as we uncover how Brian Bedford continues to leave an indelible mark on our entertainment culture.

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Where Is Brian Bedford From and Where Was Brian Bedford Born

Brian Bedford is an English actor and theatre director, born in Morley, England on February 16th, 1935. Throughout his lifetime he has enjoyed an impressive career as a successful theatre director and screen actor with many prestigious credits to his name.

From appearing on Broadway in "My Fair Lady" to receiving Tony awards for his direction of productions such as "The School for Wives", Brian has had a glittering career that all began with his early days in Morley nearly 90 years ago. He continues to work in film and television today at the age of 88 as an esteemed veteran of the arts industry.

His latest project involves voicing the character Archie Leach (Cary Grant) in A Life In The Movies, a long-awaited narrative feature documentary being released later this year. This will surely be another fantastic moment in Brian Bedford's illustrious acting career that began so long ago yet remains vibrant even today.

How Old is Brian Bedford? Brian Bedford Age and Birthday Info

Brian Bedford is 88 years old. He was born on February 16th, 1935 in Morley, England to a well-to-do family and has gone on to have an illustrious career as an actor and theatre director.

He has acted in over 60 movies and television shows including "The Threepenny Opera" (1954), "M*A*S*H" (1972), and "Ragtime" (1981). His directing credits are just as impressive, from successful Broadway revivals like "Tartuffe" (1975) to acclaimed regional productions of Shakespeare's plays such as "King Lear" (1999).

With his wit, charm, and sharp intelligence it's no wonder that he has been honored countless times with awards such as the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play for his performance in The School for Wives (1970) or the Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Directing. At 88 years young, Brian Bedford continues to be a figure of inspiration for many generations of actors, directors—and fans!

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What is Brian Bedford’s Zodiac Sign

Brian Bedford was born on February 16, 1935 and his zodiac sign is Aquarius. He is a talented actor and theatre director.

As an Aquarius, Brian Bedford is independent, creative, inventive and analytical – all essential qualities for a successful actor and director. He prefers to be in control of any project he takes on - which isn't surprising given his ability to think out of the box.

With an innate understanding of how people work together in groups, Brian Bedford can successfully collaborate with multiple personalities while remaining true to his own unique vision. His natural curiosity helps him stay ahead of the curve by constantly seeking new experiences that offer him inspiration for his projects.

From avant-garde plays written by obscure authors to blockbuster musicals filled with showstopping numbers, Brian has honed the skill necessary for making grandiose statements onstage or on screen without losing sight of the fine details that make the performance shine as a whole. Clearly blessed with astrological gifts enabling him to be a masterful artist in both acting and directing, Brian Bedford's Aquarius zodiac sign certainly makes sense!

Brian Bedford Net Worth and Earnings

Brian Bedford's net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. At the age of 88, Brian Bedford has amassed a wealth of success throughout his lifetime career as an actor and theatre director.

Although born in modest circumstances, Bedford's affinity for the arts led him after school to become one of the most renowned thespians in London’s West End before moving to Canada and further raising his profile on Broadway. He has not only graced both stages but also small screens with performances such as 'The Shakespeare Plays' and films like ‘Love & Death’ that truly showcased his impressive range of talent.

Over sixty years since beginning his career, he continues to be remembered for bringing life, joy, and humor into popular entertainment - indeed meriting him well-deserved recognition alongside modern screen idols today.

Brian Bedford Nationality and Ethnicity

Brian Bedford is a British actor and theatre director of British ethnicity. His nationality has been incredibly influential in his career, as he's traveled the world performing famous plays such as 'The Importance of Being Earnest' to great success.

Even now, his work draws upon classic British texts – from Shakespeare to Bernard Shaw – reigniting them for modern audiences. He believes strongly in the power of British theatre and is determined to see its universal reach continue to expand.

By travelling with his performances all over the world, Brian Bedford is helping keep Britain's theatrical traditions alive while introducing them to new generations.

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Brian Bedford Body Measurements

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