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Full name: Cheek Cheek
Birthday: December 22, 1981
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Net Worth: $12 Million

Are you ready to get acquainted with one of the most iconic figures in music? Today we’ve got Juha-Pekka Ville Kemppainen, famously known as Cheek.

This talented Finnish musician, widely acclaimed songwriter, record producer and singer has achieved international fame due to his iconic beats, creative lyrics and catchy melodies. Born on December 22nd 1981, this 39 years old superstar is considered an icon of modern music industry since he started making waves with his debut album back in 2000!

With the staggering net worth of $12 Million that only keeps growing every day thanks to his many successful singles and collaborations – Cheek is definitely a force to be reckoned with! So let's join us for a journey into this artist's inspiring biography and discover how he rose from obscurity to become one of the biggest names in music today.

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Where Is Cheek From and Where Was Cheek Born

Cheek is a Finnish musician, songwriter, record producer, and singer born in Vantaa, Finland on December 22, 1981. He has been making waves in the music industry since the late 90s with his unique sound that blends classic hip-hop & R&B influences with elements of Caribbean reggae and Latin rhythms.

His appeal reaches beyond Finland’s borders reaching across Europe and now to America as well. Cheek has always had an affinity for music – he began writing songs at just 10 years old!

After releasing his debut album in 1998 titled "Valoa ikkunassa" (Light In The Window), Cheek cemented himself as a major name not only in the Nordic region but also throughout Europe. Now 42 years old, he continues to contribute to the ever-evolving world of hip hop & soul and remains one of Finland's most popular artists.

With sold out shows all over the world, an impressive discography including four studio albums and numerous awards under his belt – it’s safe to say that Cheek can be considered a musical legend who will remain influential for decades to come.

How Old is Cheek? Cheek Age and Birthday Info

Cheek is 41 years old, born on December 22, 1981 in Vantaa, Finland. An international phenomenon and master of his craft, Cheek has earned a well deserved place among music icons.

At the age of 17 he released his debut album 'Kuka muu muka'. Ever since the two-time platinum selling album 'Jos s'aitais sua', released in 2003 when he was 21 years old, Cheek has been one of Finland's most beloved artists.

His rap style and ability to interpret genres such as funk and reggae have made him an icon in modern Finnish music culture. From humble beginnings in Vantaa to selling out concerts around Europe and North America alike, Cheek is now 41 years old but still going strong with a career that continues to blossom despite all his achievements so far.

There are sure to be plenty more unforgettable moments ahead for every fan over the next decade!

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What is Cheek’s Zodiac Sign

Cheek's zodiac sign is Capricorn - someone who is wise, ambitious and determined. As a musician, songwriter, record producer and singer, Cheek can use these qualities of his sign to his advantage.

This astrological combination brings self-discipline, structure and ambition that will help him focus on achieving his goals in the music industry. He will go the extra mile to ensure he succeeds and will work hard to attain success with whatever project he chooses to pursue.

With this kind of dedication and commitment, Cheek can expect big accomplishments in the near future! Well-known for being grounded yet creative at the same time, Capricorns like Cheek even have an eye for unique trends in music which make them special artists in their own right.

Whether it be writing new music or collaborating with others within the industry, this real-life 'Rocking Ram' is no doubt one of the most successful figures behind many of today's chart-topping hits!

Cheek Net Worth and Earnings

Cheek's net worth is $12 million as of May 13, 2023. He's one of the most successful and iconic musicians in Finland and beyond.

With hits like "Kuningaskobra" and "Timantit on ikuisia", Cheek has firmly established his place in the music scene with a style that brings together elements of rap, pop, trap, and R&B. His creative production abilities have made him a sought-after collaborator by both emerging artists and superstars alike.

Not only does he write his own songs but he also produces for other projects, giving him an additional edge over his contemporaries. Through hard work and sheer talent he has managed to build a sizeable net worth from public appearances, record sales, streaming royalties, endorsements deals—and even from releasing his own fragrances!

A true king amongst Finnish hip hop moguls--Cheek surely deserves all the accolades that come with it!

Cheek Nationality and Ethnicity

Cheek is a Finnish musician, songwriter, record producer and singer with Finnish nationality and ethnicity. His roots have had an important influence in his creative process - allowing him to explore the depths of his cultural heritage in order to create captivating music.

He has been able to draw from themes such as love, loss and longing when exploring how culture feeds into art. Being a proud member of Finland's artistic landscape, he continues to draw inspiration from it and honor its legacy through his own musical representation of Finland's history and values.

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Cheek Body Measurements

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