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C.J. McCollum
Full name: C.J. McCollum
Birthday: September 19, 1991
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Net Worth: $14 Million

C.J McCollum is an American professional basketball player who has made waves in the NBA and created tremendous wealth for himself. Born on September 19, 1991, CJ has already seen great success as a pro-baller with a net worth of $14 million – all before his 30th birthday!

With stunning athleticism and extraordinary talent, C.J.McCullom is one of the most memorable and talked about players in the sport today, cementing his place as one of America's premier athletes. This article will shine a light on his incredible story: from humble beginnings to millionaire status; to show how someone could achieve such amazing things when they put their heart into it.

So get ready to be inspired by C.J. 's epic journey – you won't regret reading this must-see feature!

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Where Is C.J. McCollum From and Where Was C.J. McCollum Born

C.J. McCollum is from Canton, Ohio and was born on September 19, 1991.

His small-town roots in Canton are the foundation of an incredible career that saw him rise to international fame as one of the best players in the NBA. From his humble beginnings in a hometown with a small population compared to other cities, C.J's family played a critical role in his journey to stardom and beyond.

As he grew up playing basketball at GlenOak High School, visions of becoming an NBA All-Star were starting to become more realistic - a goal he'd eventually reach after being drafted 10th overall by the Portland Trail Blazes in 2013. Despite all odds, McCollum's talent continued to impress with each game season and he won several awards for his outstanding performance - such as winning Most Improved Player (2015).

His exceptional athleticism continues to awe spectators around the globe despite going into his 12th year playing professional ball and it will be exciting to see what new heights C.J can reach next!

How Old is C.J. McCollum? C.J. McCollum Age and Birthday Info

C.J. McCollum is 31 years old, having been born on September 19, 1991 in Canton, Ohio, United States.

The All-Star shooting guard is still at the top of his game and has been a dominant presence in the NBA since he was drafted 10th overall back in 2013. In 2021 McCollum had one of the best seasons of his career leading the Portland Trail Blazers to an impressive 5th seed in the Western Conference Playoffs.

His poise and grit on and off the court have won him loyal fans all over and garnered him much respect from both players and coaching staff around the league. As we approach May 20, 2023 C.J.

McCollum continues to evolve as one of basketball's greatest players as evidenced by his timeless ability to knock down shots from anywhere on the floor and fearlessness attacking inside no matter who stands in his way!

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What is C.J. McCollum’s Zodiac Sign

C.J. McCollum, born on September 19, 1991 is a Virgo zodiac sign for NBA Players.

As a Virgo, McCollum focuses on productivity and efficiency - two important traits of successful basketball players. This attention to detail has made the 6’3 guard an important asset in the league today.

His drive helps him develop his skillset further as he navigates his career by making better decisions every day to ensure success for himself and the team that he plays for. CJ McCollum's personality as a Virgo is perfect for his gruelling job as an NBA Player; meticulousness, rational thinking and preparedness are all qualities associated with this sign which allows C.J to be able to excel at any given moment when he steps onto the court whether it's shooting, passing or being an overall leader of the team playing against some of the best players in the world.

He has shown incredible dedication to honing his craft which earned him two All-Star games so far in 2013 and 2019 respectively along with several awards including Most Improved Player award back in 2016 season from Portland Trail Blazers where he currently plays since 2013 season making him one of their cornerstones over these 7 long years until today May 20th 2023 where we can find CJ still performing extremely well even into his 30s pushing himself towards becoming one of the greatest point guards in history!

C.J. McCollum Net Worth and Earnings

C.J. McCollum's net worth is estimated to be around $14 million on May 20th, 2023.

The Portland Trailblazers shooting guard, C.J. McCollum is no stranger to success - and it seems his good fortunes continue into this year with a personal net worth of an impressive $14 million.

A great investment portfolio has worked wonders for the 31-year-old athlete, whose wealth has grown exponentially since he joined the NBA in 2013, where he quickly proved himself a standout player on the court as well as off of it. McCollum talks modestly about his success; citing dedication and hard work as being key components in acquiring such a sizable nest egg - much of which goes towards helping him maintain an enviable lifestyle now and when he retires from professional basketball one day soon perhaps!

In spite of having achieved so much over recent years, McCollum isn't stopping anytime soon either; continuing to focus on improving his game with every season that passes by!

C.J. McCollum Nationality and Ethnicity

C.J. McCollum is an American professional basketball player with both American nationality and ethnicity.

As an African-American, he has a unique perspective on the game of basketball that sets him apart from his peers and gives him a natural advantage. Throughout his NBA career, McCollum has proven himself to be more than just an incredibly talented athlete but also one of the most culturally diverse players in the league.

He brings together a variety of perspectives from different backgrounds which not only gives him an unparalleled insight into the game, but also gives inspiration to aspiring youth who come from similar backgrounds as him.

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C.J. McCollum Body Measurements

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