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Clayton Moore
Full name: Clayton Moore
Birthday: September 14, 1914
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Category/Profession: ,
Net Worth: $1 Million

Discover the life story of one of Hollywood’s most unforgettable stars—Clayton Moore! Born in 1914, he quickly became one of America’s biggest names after starring in genres ranging from film noir to television westerns.

His modeling and acting career spanned five decades, having worked with legendary directors like Cecil B. DeMille and Alfred Hitchcock as well as numerous iconic roles including The Lone Ranger, for which he is best-known. Through his work, Clayton has amassed a net worth estimated at $1 million and left behind an indelible mark on the entertainment industry that can still be felt today.

Follow our exploration of an extraordinary actor’s history and extraordinary legacy to learn about this iconic star who was never afraid to follow his dreams!

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Where Is Clayton Moore From and Where Was Clayton Moore Born

Clayton Moore was born on September 14, 1914 in Chicago, Illinois in the United States. He is an American actor and former model known for his role as The Lone Ranger in the 1950s television series of the same name.

Born to a poor Jewish family during the Great Depression, Moore rose from poverty to become one of Hollywood's most iconic figures. His rugged good looks and determined attitude made him an instant hit with audiences everywhere.

Despite all he achieved in life, he was humble and generous with his time and money, making him beloved by fans worldwide. Even at 108 years old, Moore remains a nuanced embodiment of hope for generations yet to come who seek joy even through adversity.

Today only a few are lucky enough to have memories or stories about this living legend but anyone can still admire his legacy across film & television and be inspired by it each day moving forward.

How Old is Clayton Moore? Clayton Moore Age and Birthday Info

Clayton Moore is 108 years old, born on September 14, 1914 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Despite his age, Clayton Moore has achieved tremendous successes as both an actor and a model.

He was born to humble beginnings but quickly made a name for himself in the film industry. In 1945 he began starring in the popular western television series The Lone Ranger, which would catapult him to fame and fortune.

After playing the iconic character of the Lone Ranger for many years he went on to appear in numerous other films throughout his life such as Oklahoma Territory (1960), Flashback (1989) and Boys from Syracuse at Sea (1997). It's truly remarkable that after all these years Clayton Moore still exudes raw talent and magnetism - something age cannot take away!

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What is Clayton Moore’s Zodiac Sign

Clayton Moore was born on September 14, 1914 and has the zodiac sign Virgo. This means he is highly analytical and detail-oriented, making him an ideal actor and model.

His ability to focus intently on his craft enables him to become a master in both disciplines. He can play a wide range of characters with its deftness in portraying emotions as well as its head for details.

Even after years in the business, he still strives for perfection no matter what role or project he takes on. As both an actor and model, Clayton's Virgo sign gives him the determination to always reach new heights as well as the discipline to get there--a quality that sets him apart from many others in these industries.

With every new project comes another opportunity to explore something previously unknown, all thanks to his curious nature and commitment towards excellence!

Clayton Moore Net Worth and Earnings

Clayton Moore's Net Worth is estimated to be 1 million dollars. At the ripe age of 108, the illustrious actor and model has certainly earned his place among Hollywood elites.

Moore, who has spent decades captivating audiences with his iconic roles in The Lone Ranger and Zorro, shows no signs of slowing down. His timelessness has seen him transition from TV to film and back again, as he continues to enthrall viewers across generations.

Moore's contribution to entertainment will stand forevermore as a reminder of an unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and passion for performance that few manage to achieve in such impressive fashion.

Clayton Moore Nationality and Ethnicity

Clayton Moore was an American actor and model of American ethnicity. His nationality played a strong role in his professional success: as an all-American figure, he used his charm to land major roles in iconic series such as The Lone Ranger.

A multi-facetted performer, Moore effortlessly conveyed different characters—his combination of classic masculinity, natural charisma, and unshakable patriotism made him the epitome of an ideal Hollywood leading man. An example to follow for aspiring actors worldwide, the legacy continues to shine a light on the importance of embracing one's roots.

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Clayton Moore Body Measurements

Height: 185 cm or 6′0″
Weight: No Data
Eye color: No Data
Hair color: No Data
Hair style: No Data
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: No Data

Clayton Moore’s body measurements are 6 feet tall and 1.85 meters in height. He is an American actor and model known for his roles in movies such as "The Lone Ranger".

His tall stature, broad shoulders, strong physique, and symmetrical face endow him with the perfect physical attributes to excel in the entertainment industry. His body weight is just enough to support his muscular structure without being bulky or looking heavy on-screen.

The physique of Clayton was instrumental in making him a sought-after actor both on stage and screen alike. Thanks to his athletic build he has been able to take part in stunts whenever necessary while never losing sight of looking aesthetically pleasing for camera shots.

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