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Colman Domingo
Full name: Colman Domingo
Birthday: November 28, 1969
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From the bright lights of Broadway to the silver screen, Colman Domingo has captivated audiences with his mesmerizing performances and undeniable talent. This charismatic actor, born on November 28th, 1969, has become a household name in Hollywood and beyond.

With his dashing looks and magnetic charm, Domingo has graced both the stage and screen with unforgettable portrayals that have garnered critical acclaim. But there's much more to this enigmatic star than meets the eye.

In this exclusive article, we delve into the captivating journey of Colman Domingo's life – from humble beginnings to becoming one of America's most sought-after actors. Discover how he conquered adversity and rose to fame through sheer determination and talent.

Uncover intimate details about his upbringing, personal struggles, and breakthrough moments that shaped him into the iconic figure we know today. Prepare to be swept off your feet as we unravel the secrets behind Colman Domingo's extraordinary success story.

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Where Is Colman Domingo From and Where Was Colman Domingo Born

Colman Domingo is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. He was born on November 28, 1969.

Welcome to the vibrant and captivating world of Colman Domingo! Hailing from the charming city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this talented actor has stolen hearts and captured audiences across the globe with his immense charisma and undeniable talent.

Born on November 28, 1969, Domingo possesses a magnetic presence that can effortlessly captivate an entire room. Domingo's journey from the City of Brotherly Love to the bright lights of Hollywood has been nothing short of remarkable.

Bursting onto the scene with his electrifying performances and unparalleled commitment to his craft, he quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. With each role he takes on, Domingo showcases an incredible range that leaves us in awe.

Beyond his extraordinary acting prowess, Colman Domingo is a man who radiates elegance and sophistication. Whether gracing red carpets or attending glamorous events around the world, he consistently exudes style and charm in every aspect of his life.

As we marvel at Colman Domingo's exceptional talents and celebrate his achievements thus far, one thing is certain: this gifted actor will continue to shine brightly as one of Hollywood's most treasured stars for years to come.

How Old is Colman Domingo? Colman Domingo Age and Birthday Info

Colman Domingo is 53 years old. In the world of Hollywood, age is just a number.

And Colman Domingo proves this effortlessly. The dashing actor, born on November 28, 1969, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has reached an incredible milestone of 53 years.

With his captivating performances on both stage and screen, Domingo continues to captivate audiences with his undeniable talent and age-defying charm. From his breakout role in Lincoln (2012) to his unforgettable portrayal of Victor Strand on AMC's hit series Fear the Walking Dead, Domingo's career has been nothing short of remarkable.

His ability to immerse himself into any character he takes on sets him apart from the rest. Off-screen, Domingo exudes an aura of sophistication and elegance that only comes with experience and wisdom.

Whether he's walking the red carpet or gracing our screens with his presence during interviews or talk shows, it's clear that time has been incredibly kind to him. As we celebrate another year in Colman Domingo's life on this July day in 2023, let us raise a toast to this talented actor who defies expectations and continues to shine brighter than ever before.

Cheers to you, Mr. Domingo!

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What is Colman Domingo’s Zodiac Sign

Colman Domingo's Zodiac sign is Sagittarius. In the world of acting, a Sagittarius like Colman Domingo brings an infectious energy and adventurous spirit to their craft.

Born on November 28, 1969, this talented male actor embodies the fiery traits of his zodiac sign. Known for his versatility and ability to captivate audiences with his performances, Domingo's Sagittarian nature pushes him to constantly seek new experiences and take on challenging roles.

Sagittarians are natural storytellers and have a knack for captivating an audience with their charm and wit. They possess a thirst for knowledge and are always eager to learn more about their craft, making them incredibly versatile actors.

With enthusiasm as their driving force, Sagittarians like Domingo embrace every opportunity that comes their way and aren't afraid to explore different genres or mediums. As an Actor, Colman Domingo's Sagittarius personality shines through in his charismatic presence on screen and stage.

With boundless optimism and a contagious sense of adventure, he continues to leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

Colman Domingo Nationality and Ethnicity

Colman Domingo is an American actor with a rich heritage. Born to an African-Guatemalan father and an African-American mother, his diverse ethnicity has played a significant role in shaping his profession as an actor.

His multicultural background brings a unique perspective and depth to his performances, enabling him to seamlessly embody characters from various backgrounds and cultures. With his impressive talent and the ability to portray different perspectives authentically, Colman Domingo continues to captivate audiences worldwide with his nuanced acting skills that transcend boundaries of nationality and ethnicity.

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Colman Domingo Body Measurements

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