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Corey Maggette
Full name: Corey Maggette
Birthday: November 12, 1979
Zodiac Sign:
Category/Profession: ,
Net Worth: $30 Million

Corey Maggette has been a hot name in the world of basketball for more than two decades. This talented American athlete was born on November 12, 1979 and since then he's been making history with his great performance.

Nowadays, Corey is a millionaire—with an impressive net worth of $30 million—and the true star of men's basketball. But how did he do it?

And what can we learn from him? In this article you'll discover all about Corey Maggette’s extraordinary story: from his humble beginnings to Hollywood stardom, and everything in between.

So don't miss out! Get ready to find out why this inspiring player is worth following.

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Where Is Corey Maggette From and Where Was Corey Maggette Born

Corey Maggette was born in Melrose Park, Illinois, on November 12, 1979. He is an American former professional basketball player who played 14 seasons in the NBA.

His hometown also serves as a reminder of his humble beginnings and dedication to succeed and make his dreams come true. An athlete with a story that’s already been written into sports history books, Corey has always been focused on pushing himself further and reaching even greater heights of success.

In addition to being a role model for aspiring athletes everywhere, he is beloved by fans for bringing joy to the game wherever he goes. His journey has been nothing short of inspiring — from starting out as a determined young man from Melrose Park to becoming one of the most dominant players in the sport today at 44 years old — Corey Maggette continues to show us just what can be accomplished with passion and drive.

How Old is Corey Maggette? Corey Maggette Age and Birthday Info

Corey Maggette is 43 years old, born on November 12, 1979 in Melrose Park, Illinois. The basketball veteran has been a shining light within the sport for over two decades now.

Maggette's achievements are numerous and include selection to the All-Rookie Team (1999-2000 season), becoming an NBA All-Star in 2003 and being part of three consecutive first round playoff wins with Golden State Warriors from 2006/07 to 2008/09. His role as an experienced leader helped cement his reputation as one of basketball's true greats over time.

It's been 24 years since he made his mark on the court and yet his passion for sports continues to inspire millions around the world. Whether through online tutorials or offline coaching clinics at colleges, Maggette has taken it upon himself to mentor upcoming talent and help them reach their full potential.

As he prepares himself for yet another November birthday in 2023 - when he will turn 44 - we can only hope that this inspiring figure will rise up again showing us what determination and hard work look like on a court of dreams.

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What is Corey Maggette’s Zodiac Sign

Corey Maggette is a Scorpio, one of the most powerful and intense signs in the zodiac. As a basketball player, he's capable of tapping into his passionate and courageous side to help him reach his goals.

He has a strong sense of self-control and discipline that enables him to consistently focus on the game ahead - something especially valuable for any professional athlete. His loyalty and ambition give him a very competitive edge on the court which makes it easy for him to lead his team to victory.

A true Scorpio at heart, Corey Maggette loves pushing himself physically and mentally, continually striving for improvement. Thanks to his determination, he never gives up until he reaches success - whether it be hitting high scores or achieving that perfect jump shot.

All these qualities come together perfectly when combined with his natural talent as an athlete making Corey Maggette an absolute powerhouse on the court –and off--that inspires everyone around them!

How Did Corey Maggette Get Famous?

Corey Maggette got famous and popular for playing in the NBA as a professional basketball player. He had an impressive career, winning multiple awards while playing for fifteen seasons with seven different teams.

During that time, he became one of the league's highest-paid players with paychecks surpassing $80 million. His popularity further grew when it was discovered that he was dating tennis sensation Serena Williams in May 2023; they remain a couple today.

Corey is also well known for his trademark move on the court - a lightning-fast baseline drive to the basket which often leads to acrobatic layups or snappy jump shots from midair. As a result, his ability to take over games earned him numerous accolades and propelled him towards becoming one of basketball’s most recognizable stars—both on and off the court.

Corey Maggette Net Worth and Earnings

Corey Maggette has a net worth of $30 Million. With his illustrious 20-year career as an NBA player, Corey Maggette continues to be a very influential name in the basketball world.

At 43 years old, he is not only a seasoned veteran but also one of the most sought after players to ever grace court. His exceptional ball handling skills and impressive record for rebounds have earned him numerous accolades including three All-Star appearances and one Slam Dunk contest championship crown.

Despite retiring from professional play in 2021, he remains actively involved within the realm of sports by representing multiple brands and philanthropic organizations. In addition to his active lifestyle, Maggette continues to invest into different businesses ventures such as real estate and tech startups – ensuring a high net worth for years to come.

As he approaches into further success within the industry, we can expect more inspiring stories from Coreys journey ahead!

Corey Maggette Nationality and Ethnicity

Corey Maggette is an American professional basketball player of American ethnicity. As one of the most influential sports personalities of this generation, his nationality and ethnic background have played an essential role in creating a platform for him to pursue his passion for basketball.

His hardworking attitude and commitment to excellence has allowed him to become one of the most successful players in the National Basketball Association while representing himself and his background correctly. He continues to serve as an inspiration for millions who are from a similar racial or cultural background, showcasing that with hard work, anything can be achieved.

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Corey Maggette Body Measurements

Height: 198 cm or 6′5″
Weight: 102 kg or 224 lbs
Eye color: No Data
Hair color: No Data
Hair style: No Data
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: No Data

Corey Maggette has an impressive body stature, standing at 6ft 5in (1.98m) and weighing a muscular 225lb (102kg). His physique is integral to his success as one of the most sought-after American basketball players.

Given his tall stature and strong frame, it is no surprise that he has long been able to out play opponents on the court. His athleticism and agility have been part of his professional accolades, often credited for helping him go up against larger opponents with ease.

With such great physical attributes, Corey Maggette continues to dominate and lead in the world of sports.

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