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David Silva
Full name: David Silva
Birthday: January 08, 1986
Height: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $55 Million

David Silva is a Spanish football player who has made his mark on the international scene. From his beginnings in Gran Canaria to playing for big clubs from Manchester City to Real Sociedad, Silva's career has been impressive and noteworthy.

His current estimated net worth of $55 million suggests why he's been an invaluable asset on teams that have competed in many prestigious leagues throughout Europe. This article delves into David Silva's incredible journey as one of Spain's most renowned players — from his early days honing his craft to becoming a keyman in the Premier League.

Find out how this captivating footballer became so successful and why you should be reading about him now! Learn all about David Silva’s story; it’s unlike any other sports figure you've seen before!

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Where Is David Silva From and Where Was David Silva Born

David Silva is from Arguineguín, Spain. He was born January 8th, 1986 and today he celebrates his 37th birthday.

As an incredible athlete, David has made a name for himself by winning silverware at top clubs while playing the beautiful game of football. Growing up in the Canary Islands with its tumultuous history combined with his natural gifts to play on the pitch led him to stardom as one of Europe's most lauded players today.

His journey began in Argentina before moving to Valencia CF where he established his name in Spanish footballing circles; eventually earning a move to Manchester City who won trophies because of Silva's magical touch. Passionate about giving back to his home country he created The David Silva Foundation which funds projects for disadvantage children in Argentina and also supports social institutions throughout Spain.

On this special day we can look forward to seeing more creativity out on the field from this living legend and continued philanthropic activity off it!

How Old is David Silva? David Silva Age and Birthday Info

David Silva is 37 years old. He was born on January 8, 1986 in Arguineguín, Argentina.

Today marks 37 glorious years of David Silva’s life, one spent as a world-class Spanish football player with an illustrious career spanning over two decades. The tenacious midfielder first came to prominence after joining Valencia CF at the age of 19 before moving to Manchester City in 2010 and winning four Premier League titles.

He has enjoyed his time at City, making 354 appearances and becoming their highest-scoring midfield playmaker with 74 goals. On top of this impressive haul of trophies during his time in England, he also won La Liga with Valencia back in 2004 and represented Spain 114 times (as of May 20th) on the International stage as part of their golden generation between 2008-2018 World Cup cycle where they captured both the European Championships title 2008 & 2012 as well as the World Cup Trophy itself in South Africa 2010.

Despite major injuries throughout his career such as a long term calf issue that forced him out for five months last season at 35 years old he has continued to defy conventions and prove himself capable against all odds – David Silva remains one of the best players ever produced by Spain’s footballing production line; a testament to longevity excellence within his sport which can be traced all the way back to Southern Spain from 1986 - today!

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What is David Silva’s Zodiac Sign

David Silva's zodiac sign is Capricorn, which makes him focused and determined. His ambition and hardworking nature have been the foundation of his success as a Spanish football player.

David brings stability to any team he joins, as he always keeps an eye on the future. He is able to bring balance to chaotic situations with his strategic planning and intuitive decision-making skills.

On and off the pitch, David exudes charisma – part of what has made him one of Spain’s most popular players. At 37 years old, he still demonstrates that same level of discipline and determination that first made him shine in La Liga back in 2006 when he was with Valencia CF – qualities that are often associated with those born under the sign of Capricorn.

Meanwhile, this season saw his international career come full circle as he rejoined Manchester City FC for a second stint at the club where it all started for him back in 2010. It's clear that the spirit of a resilient go-getter seen throughout his career can be attributed to being a Capricorn!

How Did David Silva Get Famous?

David Silva got famous and popular for being one of the most successful Spanish football players in history. His 55 million dollar fortune was earned with his record-breaking performances for Valencia, Manchester City, and the Spanish national team.

He received multiple awards throughout his career, including four Premier League titles, two FA Cups, two League Cup finals, and one UEFA Champions League title. Beyond the pitch, David's good looks have allowed him to become a fashion icon as well as an admired sports person.

His style has included sleek suits on match days and streetwear off-duty - always pulling it off with class and sophistication. It helps that he is also happily dating Yessica Suarez Gonzalez since 2021 - proving that he is not only an amazing footballer but also a serious contender in the world of celebrity romance.

For these reasons and more David Silva has become a household name as adored by fans across the globe for his talents both on

David Silva Net Worth and Earnings

David Silva has a net worth of $55 Million as of May 20, 2023. His impressive fortune comes from his time spent as a Spanish football player for Valencia and Manchester City.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time, David Silva's legend began at Valencia in 2004, where he quickly rose to become one of their most valuable players. He transferred to Manchester City in 2010 and went on to make a huge impact on the team with accolades such as being named Premier League Player of the Season in 2011-2012 and helping lead them to two Premier League Titles.

Because of his long history with top football clubs, David is now worth an estimated 55 million dollars! While he may have retired from active play this year, it's clear that David will continue to live a life full of luxury due to his hard work throughout the years and massive net worth.

Earnings 2016 $17 Million
Earnings 2015 $17.3 Million
Earnings 2014 $16 Million
Earnings 2013 $15.4 Million

David Silva Nationality and Ethnicity

David Silva is a Spanish football player who holds both Spanish nationality and Spanish-Canarian ethnicity, as well as some Japanese or South Korean descent. His heritage has served to define, not only his personal identity and sense of self, but also his career path.

As one of the most successful players in Spain, he stands proud as a beacon of hope for multicultural populations across Europe. His elegant style on the pitch reflects an ethos rooted in hard work and dedication; proving that success can be achieved through sheer determination regardless of your background or culture.

What's more inspiring is how intricately linked this success has been with David's multi-ethnic identity—one which continues to break down barriers within not just sport, but society at large.

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David Silva Body Measurements

Height: No Data
Weight: 67 kg or 147 lbs
Eye color: Dark Brown
Hair color: Dark brown
Hair style: sporty
Waist size: 140
Hips: No Data
Feet size: 11
Have tattoo: No

David Silva has a height of 5ft 7in or 170cm, and weighs 67kg or 147lbs. His hair is dark brown, and his eyes are also dark brown.

As a Spanish football player, David Silva's body measurements play an important role in his success on the field. His weight allows him to make quick turns and moves without being slowed down by extra baggage while still having enough power behind each kick.

At his height, he can easily jump over opponents to head the ball into the goal. The combination of all these physical attributes gives him an undeniable advantage that has seen him reach great heights in professional football.

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