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Derek Waters
Full name: Derek Waters
Birthday: July 30, 1979
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Net Worth: $1 Million

Derek Waters is an inspiring American talent who has made a major name for himself in the entertainment industry. Born on July 30th, 1979 and with a net worth of $1 million since its success, Derek Waters is an actor, film producer, screenwriter and television producer.

With his impressive career spanning over two decades—including producing hit shows like Drunk History and acting in popular films such as The Change-Up—Waters has become a household name that people seek out for entertainment. For those eager to know more about his journey to success—from the struggles to the successes—this article will be sure to provide an exciting read that will make you hold your breath!

From relationships to dreams and failures, fans are curious about what makes this Hollywood star tick – don't miss it if you'd love to know more!

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Where Is Derek Waters From and Where Was Derek Waters Born

Derek Waters is an American actor, film producer, screenwriter and television producer from Baltimore, Maryland. Born on July 30, 1979, the 44-year-old Derek has made a tremendous mark in the entertainment industry.

After making his debut as an actor at the age of 23 in 2003 with "American Splendor" he went on to feature in numerous films and shows, including Drunk History (2013 – present), Not for Ourselves Alone: The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony (1999) and Comedy Bang! Bang!

(2012 – 2016). Today he has acquired a net worth of around $1 million dollars.

As one of Hollywood's most sought after talents, Derek Waters' rise to fame is truly remarkable – having gone from being born into a humble family background in Maryland thirty-four years ago to walking red carpets all over the world today. From his impeccably tailored suits at award ceremonies to always showing off his classic smile amongst colleagues and peers alike; it's no wonder why this charming star continues to be a showbiz favorite for many years now.

His artful combination of hard work and unparalleled talent make him one of the most beloved figures that Hollywood has produced thus far - not only highlighted through his iconic roles but also mirrored through generous philanthropic efforts where he stands up for causes close to his heart.

How Old is Derek Waters? Derek Waters Age and Birthday Info

Derek Waters is 43 years old and was born on July 30, 1979. Raised in Baltimore, Maryland, this multitalented artist has been able to hone his craft over the decades into what it has become today.

Since first beginning his career as an actor and writer for film and television back in the early 2000s, countless awards have recognized Water's prowess throughout his career. His determination to follow his passion brought him to where he is today – producing some of the most highly acclaimed projects out there for both television series and feature films alike.

With still more creative projects ahead of him, Waters continues to strive forward despite having already accomplished so much already in Hollywood’s ever-changing landscape.

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What is Derek Waters’s Zodiac Sign

Derek Waters is a Leo (July 30, 1979). Leos are confident, strong—willed, daring, and dynamic.

Those born under this sign typically have an expansive personality, a creative mind nurtured by the passion they exude. As an actor, film producer, screenwriter and television producer with this zodiac sign, Derek is well-suited to his career pursuits.

He’ll stop at nothing to express himself through art or to entertain and capture any audience with his charismatic flair for performance. His enthusiasm for life is often reflected in his enthusiasm in pursuing acting roles that speak to him personally.

Despite being unpredictable at times due to his uncompromising nature in getting what he wants out of life while pushing boundaries to be different than the status quo; there’s no doubt that Derek has not only an undeniable presence but also a unmatchable energy that sets him apart from the rest!

Derek Waters Net Worth and Earnings

Derek Waters's net worth is estimated at $1 Million as of June 9th, 2023. A rising star in the entertainment industry, Derek Waters has achieved incredible success throughout his career.

After years of hard work and dedication to the craft, Waters’s acting abilities have earned him acclaim from audiences around the world. An accomplished film producer, screenwriter, and television producer in his own right, it comes as no surprise that Derek’s net worth is soaring— a testament to how far he’s come since first appearing on the scene.

His genuine everyman charisma makes him enjoyable to watch across all mediums; whether he’s running around Hollywood sets or speaking to young filmmakers about getting that perfect shot, it's clear why Derek has become so beloved by fans everywhere. With an ever-expanding list of impressive projects behind him and an undeniable talent for making people laugh along with him, there's no doubt that Derek Waters will continue to captivate audiences for years to come.

Derek Waters Nationality and Ethnicity

Derek Waters is an American actor, film producer, screenwriter and television producer of American ethnicity. Derek's ethnic background has been integral in helping him achieve success in the entertainment industry.

As an example, he was able to make use of his experiences as a person of color to bring forth unique on-screen characters seldom seen before on mainstream platforms. Additionally, his empathy for marginalized communities has come through in many of his roles – something he could draw upon thanks to his own life experience as an African-American man from the United States.

His work serves as a powerful reminder that this should be everyone’s aim — to create world where authenticity resonates with audiences everywhere regardless of race or gender.

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Derek Waters Body Measurements

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