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Diana Serra Cary
Full name: Diana Serra Cary
Birthday: October 26, 1918
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Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $2 Million

Welcome to the extraordinary life and career of Diana Serra Cary, better known as Baby Peggy! Born in 1918, she is a living legend who achieved World fame at only three years old when she was cast as child star in movies.

Even though her acting career ended before her fifth birthday due to studio politics, she managed to set the foundations for what child acting looks like today. Diana’s career after Hollywood was equally impressive: She wrote several books about various aspects of entertainment and also worked as a journalist.

Her net worth is estimated at $2 million. This amazing story of an incredible woman proves that dreams can come true no matter how hard times may seem!

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Where Is Diana Serra Cary From and Where Was Diana Serra Cary Born

Diana Serra Cary is an American actor born in Merced, California on October 26, 1918. Widely regarded as the "original child star" Diana made her debut at a mere five weeks old when she was cast by Thomas Ince for her breakout film, Raoul Walsh’s ‘Sally in Our Alley’.

And since then she has remained a fixture of Hollywood before retiring almost 75 years later in 1993. Now 105-years-old and still blazing trails as one of the industry's earliest rising stars, it's hard to comprehend that this wild journey began with such humble beginnings: Diana adorning little more than swaddling clothes!

But soon enough, through sheer determination and an infectious charm that has stood the test of time—not to mention some iconic performances—Diana transcended the silver screen and became something much greater: a true icon of entertainment history.

How Old is Diana Serra Cary? Diana Serra Cary Age and Birthday Info

Diana Serra Cary is 104 years old. Born on October 26, 1918 in Merced, California, USA, she has lived a century of life and much more - a worthy celebration for the iconic actor.

Most famously known as "Baby Peggy", Diana Serra Cary began her career at only twenty-one months old with her first silent film role in 1921 and continued as one of the most famous children actors during the Golden Age of Hollywood. She made over 150 films throughout her childhood acting career before retiring in 1923 to attend college and pursue other aims.

She later returned to acting with roles on Broadway plays, reprising her Baby Peggy character for television shows in the 1950s and recounting her tumultuous life story through two autobiographies published long after she had left Hollywood. Now aged 104, the former wonder child is celebrated today as one of history's earliest movie stars who also served as an ambassador for child actors’ rights which have since been adopted by governments around the world.

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What is Diana Serra Cary’s Zodiac Sign

Diana Serra Cary is a Scorpio. As a Water sign, Scorpios are said to be passionate and assertive.

In terms of her performance as an actor, Diana's zodiac sign gives her the determination and charisma to go for what she wants in pursuit of success and fame. She was born with the strength of character to pursue her dreams with vigor, making her a force to be reckoned with on stage or screen.

Her outgoing nature allows her to naturally draw audiences in, no matter where she’s performing or who she’s acting opposite of. At 105 years old, Diana’s ability to captivate crowds has only grown stronger over time—and it all stems from her natural connection with the mysterious power of being a Scorpio.

With longevity like hers—talk about major star power! May 28th marks 5 years since the start of yet another new Scorpio season; here's hoping that this year marks another successful career milestone for Diana Serra Cary!

Diana Serra Cary Net Worth and Earnings

Diana Serra Cary has a net worth of $2 million as of May 28, 2023. Throughout her 104 years of life, legendary child star Diana Serra Cary has experienced an incredible array of successes and tragedies - from winning multiple awards to being orphaned at the age of seven.

As one of the first silent film stars, her career in cinema began in her infancy and continued through adulthood. After taking a break from acting in the 1920s she made her way back to Hollywood after World War II, maintaining a presence on television until 2009 when she officially retired from acting at the age of 97.

Her remarkable life story is immortalized in two autobiographies that she wrote herself. During this centenary year for such an iconic figure long celebrated by fans worldwide, it's fitting that Diana Serra Cary now enjoys a secure financial future with an impressive net worth of $2 million!

Diana Serra Cary Nationality and Ethnicity

Diana Serra Cary is an American actor with United States nationality and American ethnicity. Being a part of diverse ethnic background has played a huge role in the success of Diana's career as an actor.

It has enabled her to bring depth, detail, and authenticity to her roles from which audiences have greatly benefited. In addition to this, it has also provided her with great opportunities to not only explore different cultures and backgrounds but also share her artistic vision with the world.

Her extraordinary ability to portray characters from different walks of life has made her one of the most sought-after talents in Hollywood today.

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Diana Serra Cary Body Measurements

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