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Eliza Coupe
Full name: Eliza Coupe
Birthday: April 06, 1981
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $3 Million

Meet Eliza Coupe, the star with a cult following! This five-time Screen Actors Guild Awards nominee is an American actor and actress who has been in the business for more than a decade.

While initially starting her career on stage, she moved to television by 2009. With her powerful performance as "Jane Kerkovich-Williams" in ABC sitcom "Happy Endings", she skyrocketed to fame and recognition!

If you’re looking for inspiration or chasing your dreams like Eliza did, this article is definitely worth the read! Let’s take a closer look at four time Teen Choice Awards winner’s life journey: from humble beginnings to a multi-millionaire lifestyle — all of it happened within just ten years.

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Where Is Eliza Coupe From and Where Was Eliza Coupe Born

Eliza Coupe is an English actress and comedian born in Plymouth, Devon on April 6, 1981. She grew up in nearby New Hampshire before moving to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career.

Her strong performances as Jane Kerkovich–Walden on the hit sitcom "Happy Endings" won her legions of adoring fans, many of whom followed her onto other shows such as ABC's "Scrubs," Hulu's "Future Man," and Netflix's "Santa Clarita Diet." Eliza looks back fondly at growing up in a small rural town in Devon where she says "the environment was peaceful and you could take moments of calm to reflect." Now living life on camera, Eliza has earned herself praise for bringing a level of wit and charm that enlivens any story she appears in; making it look effortless with her signature dry humor.

With over 20 years of experience under her belt, there's no telling what challenge or project will come next from this talented woman!

How Old is Eliza Coupe? Eliza Coupe Age and Birthday Info

Eliza Coupe is 42 years old. Born in Plymouth, Devon on April 6th 1981, the British-born actress has been on the small screen for over two decades now.

She began her career in the mid '90s with a number of off-Broadway theater roles and gradually made her way to television — appearing in shows such as Scrubs, Happy Endings and most recently Future Man. From her impressive rise to fame, Eliza has demonstrated an immense amount of resilience and creativity - always keeping up with us who are constantly changing showbiz trends!

Her birthday last year was celebrated by friends with a lavish display of flower arrangements that danced in hues of blue, pink and yellow throughout an intimate dinner party at Malibu beach. Besides being an acclaimed TV star, she’s also been recognized for her humanitarian work – seen donating time and money regularly to charities since 2001!

Truly inspiring what this 42 year old can do - here’s wishing all the best from us at Vogue magazine!

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What is Eliza Coupe’s Zodiac Sign

Eliza Coupe is an Aries, born on April 6, 1981. Being an Aries means she’s passionate about her dreams and determined to achieve them at all costs.

She loves a challenge, and will never back down from the possibility of achieving something greater than what she's already accomplished. As an actress, Eliza's zodiac sign gives her confidence on stage that is unrivaled.

Her passion for the arts shines brightly in everything she does - whether it be through acting in projects or leaping into a theatre scene full of strangers ready to take risks together. Her enthusiasm for new ideas allows her to bring fresh perspectives and creative concepts into any project she works on.

Eliza Coupe is an inspiration to us all; as an Aries starlet she embodies every quality that we celebrate in our art - determination, fearlessness, creativity and ambition!

Eliza Coupe Net Worth and Earnings

Eliza Coupe is an actor and actress with an estimated net worth of $3 million as of May 27, 2023. Having risen to fame through her starring roles in the hit comedy series Scrubs and Happy Endings, it wasn’t long before Coupe became a household name.

But since then, she’s added multiple impressive acting projects to her portfolio, like Hulu’s Future Man and the ABC show Splitting Up Together. Not only has she wowed audiences on-screen, but off-screen too—in 2019, The Hollywood Reporter named Coupe one of "2018's Top TV Stars."

This recognition comes alongside a substantial net worth which has continued to grow over the years; by 2022 it is projected that Coupe will make upwards of $4 million per year. With such successes already under her belt at just 42 years old, there can be nothing but admiration for this talented performer who shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

Eliza Coupe Nationality and Ethnicity

Eliza Coupe is an American actor/actress of English and Scottish ethnicity. Her nationality and ethnicity has played a key role in her success as an entertainer, particularly in the United States.

From upbringing to career choices, Coupe's identity as a young woman of multi-cultural background has become part of her appeal to audiences on both sides of the pond. With roles such as Jeanie Williams in Scrubs and Jane Kerkovich-Williams from Happy Endings, she plays characters that bridge American culture with British heritage, all while being true to herself which resonates with fans around the world.

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Eliza Coupe Body Measurements

Height: 167 cm or 5′5″
Weight: No Data
Eye color: No Data
Hair color: No Data
Hair style: No Data
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: No Data

Eliza Coupe’s Body Measurements: 5 ft 5 in (1.67 m)

As an actress, Eliza Coupe knows that physical appearance and body measurements can play a role in getting cast for certain roles. At a height of 5 ft 5 in (1.67 m), she falls within the average range for women in Hollywood.

However, her athletic build and toned physique have likely helped her land parts that require strength and athleticism. In addition to her height, Eliza’s body measurements are reported as being approximately 34-24-35 inches (86-61-89 cm).

These proportions give her an hourglass figure, which is often sought after by fashion designers and photographers. Overall, Eliza’s body measurements have likely been an asset to her career as both an actress and model.

But as with any profession, talent and skill remain the most important factors for success in the entertainment industry.

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