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Eugenio Derbez
Full name: Eugenio Derbez
Birthday: September 02, 1961
Height: No Data
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Net Worth: $30 Million

Eugenio Derbez is a Mexican actor, television producer, screenwriter, comedian, television director, and voice actor known for his work in both Mexico and Hollywood. Born on September 2nd 1961 in Mexico City, he has become an iconic figure for millions of fans worldwide.

His net worth is estimated at a staggering $30 million! From starring in hit films such as Instructions Not Included to winning prestigious awards like the ALMA Award for Outstanding Social Performance – Eugenio Derbez has been making waves in the entertainment industry since the start of his career.

This article takes you through his remarkable journey with exclusive details no other source can provide – proving why he’s one of Hollywood’s most charismatic stars! Get ready to fall in love with Eugenio Derbez all over again and learn more about why this talented celebrity deserves your attention.

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Where Is Eugenio Derbez From and Where Was Eugenio Derbez Born

Eugenio Derbez is a Mexican actor, television producer, screenwriter, comedian, television director and voice actor who was born on September 2nd 1961 in Mexico City. He is well-known for his successful career entertaining millions of fans with his unique brand of comedy for over three decades.

From starring in beloved films to owning production companies to becoming a social media powerhouse -- Derbez has made an indelible mark on the entertainment world. His success has earned him awards like the "Best Actor" award from Premios ACE and nominations to the Emmy Awards, amongst many other accolades.

But what makes Eugenio stand out? Beyond his impressive resume lays an even more phenomenal man known for his generosity and tireless philanthropy.

His genuine love towards humanity shines through all of his work and it’s undeniable that he will continue making us laugh for years to come!

How Old is Eugenio Derbez? Eugenio Derbez Age and Birthday Info

Eugenio Derbez is 61 years old and was born on September 2, 1961 in Mexico City, Mexico. On this special day in 2023, we are delighted to honor the incredible journey of Eugenio Derbez: one of the most renowned Mexican actors, television producers, screenwriters, comedians, television directors and voice actors of all time.

Eugenio has been entertaining us for over six decades with his sensational performances and numerous accolades from diverse media outlets such as Variety Magazine and ESPN Deportes. Indeed, he remains one of the most iconic celebrities our country has ever seen.

From the big cinema screens to popular TV shows and projects worldwide; Eugenio has blessed us with talent that will never be forgotten! As a respected artist by both narrators and audiences alike; it is safe to say that he surely deserves an extra cake today on his birthday!

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What is Eugenio Derbez’s Zodiac Sign

Eugenio Derbez's zodiac sign is Virgo, which means he is very analytical and logical. He applies this to his work as an actor, television producer, screenwriter, comedian, television director and voice actor.

With a keen eye for detail and the ability to quickly assess situations in order to improve them with creative solutions, Eugenio is the perfect addition behind and in front of the camera. His ambition for structure makes him well suited for production roles due to his methodical approach—allowing projects to be realized without incident or hiccups along the way.

Additionally, being born under this star sign grants him an extraordinary creativity when it comes to comedy that allows audiences to laugh away any gloominess or stressors. In short: having Virgo-born Eugenio Derbez on board guarantees quality productions full of creative genius every time!

Eugenio Derbez Net Worth and Earnings

Eugenio Derbez has a net worth of $30 million. As one of Mexico's most beloved actors, producers, screenwriters, comedians, television directors and voice actors, Eugenio has made quite the impact on entertainment both in his country and around the world.

Thanks to his illustrious career spanning over five decades, he's been able to amass a generous fortune. From classic shows such as 'XHDRBZ' to award-winning films like 'Instructions Not Included', Eugenio Derbez continues to be an absolute icon within the Latinx Hollywood industry.

Even at 61 years old he has no plans of slowing down anytime soon—the sky is truly the limit for this passionate entertainer!

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