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Felipe Lopez
Full name: Felipe Lopez
Birthday: December 19, 1974
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Net Worth: $3 Million

Felipe Lopez is a legendary NBA player who has achieved a tremendous amount of success since his debut in the league. Born on December 19, 1974 in the Dominican Republic, Lopez quickly became well-known for his astounding athleticism and skillful playmaking.

Throughout his career, he has won numerous awards and championships while earning himself a jaw-dropping estimated net worth of $3 million. He is an inspiration to basketball fans around the world who wish to become successful athletes like him!

Read this article to learn more about Felipe Lopez – from his humble beginnings to becoming one of the most celebrated basketball stars of all time!

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Where Is Felipe Lopez From and Where Was Felipe Lopez Born

Felipe Lopez is a former NBA player, born on December 19, 1974 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He played an eight-season career from 1996 to 2004, and was known for his sensational shooting ability.

Throughout his playing career he made numerous records and earned endless respect from fellow players and fans alike. His shots were legendary both inside the court and beyond.

Felipe was so embraced by the public that he became an icon of sports culture in the Dominican Republic – immortalized with a life-like statue standing watch over La Plaza de la Bandera not far from his birthplace in Santo Domingo. From his humble beginnings at Colegio Apóstol Santiago to proving himself as one of the best three-point shooters during his time at St John’s University followed by becoming one of the most prolific players ever drafted to play professionally, Felipe Lopez is a true idol to many aspiring basketball stars who hope they too can follow their dreams as he once did.

How Old is Felipe Lopez? Felipe Lopez Age and Birthday Info

Felipe Lopez is 48 years old. Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on December 19, 1974, the two-time NBA All-Star has accomplished a lot in his lifetime!

Since being drafted into the NBA in 1998 by the Vancouver Grizzlies (now Memphis Grizzlies), he has played for five teams through his 18 season career - Phoenix Suns, Washington Wizards and Toronto Raptors to name a few. Off the court, Felipe has become quite an inspiration, making appearances around the world and fundraising for numerous causes including building schools in needy areas and offering college scholarships to children coming from low-income neighborhoods.

Despite all that he does outside of basketball - he's showing no signs of slowing down on or off the court! This strong role model continues to compete at a high level thanks to his dedication and hard work; proving why he’s still one of the top players today at 48 despite such a long career.

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What is Felipe Lopez’s Zodiac Sign

Felipe Lopez is a Sagittarius, born on December 19th, 1974. This sign is associated with an adventurous spirit and a strong sense of independence which can be hugely beneficial for a basketball player.

A Sagittarius' natural curiosity and passion for knowledge and experience combined with their unyielding determination to succeed makes them the perfect teammate to have when it comes to basketball. For NBA players like Felipe Lopez, being a Sagittarius gives them access to boundless vitality and enthusiasm along with an innate ability for adaptation that fuels their need to explore what lies beyond the court.

Their optimistic attitude refreshes team spirit whenever things get rough during games or practices, allowing them see every development as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. Blessed with great physical strength and never-ending energy, they are always ready to take risks in order to help their teams stay ahead of the game no matter how difficult or challenging it might be.

Felipe Lopez Net Worth and Earnings

Felipe Lopez's net worth is estimated to be $3 million. As a four time NBA All-Star, Felipe has achieved both personal and professional success, making him one of the most renowned players on the court.

His career began in 1987, when he was drafted by the Detroit Pistons after a successful college basketball career with St. John's University Red Storm. Over his 16 year journey with 6 different teams throughout, he became known as a well respected player whose impressive stats combined with his strong character made him an icon who earned admiration from fans of all ages.

In 2004, Felix decided it was time to retire and focus on other endeavors; since then he has continued to find success in business ventures such as sports broadcast investments proving he is truly a phenom of sports and beyond!

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Felipe Lopez Body Measurements

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