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Geraldo Rivera
Full name: Geraldo Rivera
Birthday: July 04, 1943
Zodiac Sign:
Category/Profession: , , ,
Net Worth: $20 Million

Geraldo Rivera is the epitome of a modern-day renaissance man. A renowned lawyer, veteran reporter, bestselling author and perennial talk show host – now at Fox News Channel – this unstoppable 77-year-old dynamo has consistently found ways to uplevel his game throughout his incredible career while maintaining a formidable net worth of $20 million.

As the world continues to wade through uncertain times in 2020, join us as we dive deeper into the vibrant life of Geraldo Rivera and uncover various stories from his journey that provide insight and bring inspiration for generations to come. From boyhood dreams and educational pursuits to leading groundbreaking investigations and creating some of America’s most iconic TV moments, there's no denying why Geraldo Rivera has earned iconic status over the past five decades!

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Where Is Geraldo Rivera From and Where Was Geraldo Rivera Born

Geraldo Rivera is an American lawyer, reporter, author, and talk show host who was born in Brooklyn, New York on July 4th 1943. The inaugural journalist turned pundit, Geraldo Rivera has had a remarkable career spanning various industries for over 50 years.

He is well-known for his role as present and executive producer of the highly successful syndicated newsmagazine program Geraldo from 1987 to 1998. His commitment to fighting injustice led him to explore social issues such as rape victims’ rights and gang violence.

Despite his impressive achievements in both his private life and business enterprises, he remains committed to using his influence magnify important current topics such as the Black Lives Matter movement while pushing criminal justice reform campaigns forward. In 2023 at 80 years old he continues inspiring others with his voice of kindness and strength―truly presenting himself as an iconic veteran in the media industry.

How Old is Geraldo Rivera? Geraldo Rivera Age and Birthday Info

Geraldo Rivera is 79 years old. Born on the Fourth of July in 1943, Geraldo Rivera has gone from a boy born and raised in Brooklyn to one of the most popular names in media.

With his career spanning decades, he is best known for being an influential lawyer, reporter, author as well as hosting talk shows. He has had a massive impact on American culture through his courageous coverage of events such as the Vietnam War and Watergate scandal.

His fearless approach to reporting makes him a leading voice among Americans and continues to inspire people around the country even into his 80th year as one of America's most beloved celebrities.

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What is Geraldo Rivera’s Zodiac Sign

Geraldo Rivera's zodiac sign is Cancer, and it means he is an incredibly caring individual who will do whatever it takes to make sure those around him feel secure. He thrives in the roles of Lawyer, Reporter, Author, and Talk Show Host because his kind-hearted nature allows him to connect with people from all different backgrounds and understand their needs.

His empathy helps him to serve as a voice for those who are not always heard. As a Cancer born on July 4th, 1943 Geraldo exemplifies many of the traits associated with Cancer’s astrological symbol: The Crab.

This resilient sign is known for being fiercely loyal and protective while still managing to remain sensitive and intuitive. Geraldo’s strong sense of intuition has guided him through numerous successful journalistic endeavors throughout his decades long career in media—all while helping countless others along the way by connecting them with his big heart.

How Did Geraldo Rivera Get Famous?

Geraldo Rivera got famous and popular due to his career as a lawyer, reporter, author, and talk show host. After getting his degree in Law from the University of Arizona in 1965, he went on to pursue TV journalism.

In 1987, he launched "Geraldo", an American tabloid-style talk show which boosted his popularity. His investigative work investigating corrupt institutions was also highly praised by many.

At present age of 79 years old on May 24th 2023, Geraldo has won several Emmy awards for television reporting and nine News & Documentary Emmy Awards for excellence in broadcasting throughout his career . He is now well known for pushing boundaries with bold investigations into controversial topics while joining Fox News Channel as a war correspondent in 2001.

In addition to this, Geraldo's trademark mustache is widely recognized across America and makes him stand out among other news correspondents. Truly there is no one like Geraldo Rivera!

Geraldo Rivera Net Worth and Earnings

Geraldo Rivera's net worth is estimated to be around $20 million as of May 24, 2023. The 79-year-old has had an illustrious career as a lawyer, reporter, author and talk show host.

He is best known in the television industry for his unwavering commitment to journalistic integrity; something which has been honed during a successful career spanning more than four decades. His work has earned him numerous awards and honors, including inductions into the National Association of Hispanic Journalists Hall of Fame and the New Jersey Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

From his early beginnings at WABC-TV in New York City, to leading some of Fox News' most influential shows over the years - Geraldo Rivera remains one of America's most respected reporters and a living legend in journalism.

Geraldo Rivera Nationality and Ethnicity

Geraldo Rivera is an American national, with Puerto Rican and Ashkenazi Jewish ethnicity. His unique heritage has certainly played a role in his professional journey as a lawyer, reporter, author and talk show host.

Drawing from his Puerto Rican roots he's cultivated an impressive career full of stories ranging from the civil rights movement to gang cultures. Meanwhile, his Ashkenazi Jewish upbringing has endowed him with an intellectual curiosity that is the hallmark of all successful writers and reporters - which was very evident during Geraldo's time at Harvard Law School where he helmed the prestigious Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review journal as its first Latino president.

He's also gone on to found multiple talk shows which gave him a platform to engage audiences on important social and political topics, ultimately making a lasting impression in beyond just the courtroom or newsroom.

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Geraldo Rivera Body Measurements

Height: 177 cm or 5′9″
Weight: 80 kg or 176 lbs
Eye color: Dark Brown
Hair color: Grey
Hair style: alternative
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: Yes

Geraldo Rivera is a male lawyer, reporter, author, and talk show host of United States nationality with grey hair, dark brown eyes and 177cm height. He has an impressive body weight of 176 lb (80 kg).

His body measurements allow him to be able to perform well in his profession. As a successful public figure in the media industry, Geraldo embodies the essence of physical health and strength for other people striving for success.

His athletic frame enables him to maneuver through long days while remaining focused on delivering meaningful stories at the key moments for all his viewers and readers across the world.

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