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Harry Harkimo
Full name: Harry Harkimo
Birthday: November 02, 1953
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Net Worth: $300 Million

Harry Harkimo, the multi-talented Finnish businessman, sailor, TV personality and screenwriter born on November 2nd 1953 is a man of many successes. With an incredible three hundred million dollar net worth his achievements have been inspiring generations and continuing to do so for decades.

Being the first Finn to sail around the world single-handedly in more than 30 years has made his reputation larger than life but it’s just one of his many amazing stories! Read all about what makes Harry so successful as we take you into his fascinating life story; from being a former mayor to running some of Finland’s largest companies, find out why he is still making headlines today!

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Where Is Harry Harkimo From and Where Was Harry Harkimo Born

Harry Harkimo was born on November 2, 1953 in Helsinki, Finland. A successful and multi-talented entrepreneur, sailor, TV personality, and screenwriter today at the age of 69, Harry is a modern luminary who has built up an impressive career over his seven decades of life.

Born to a Finnish father and Swedish mother in the beautiful city of Helsinki at the start of the 1950s, Harry dabbled in multiple projects since his formative years. Whether it's the business ventures he started before turning 20 or winning European Championships five times as a professional sailor or working as a producer for television shows that earned him plenty of prestigious awards – Harry Harkimo's story reads like one written by highly imaginative authors.

Money may not always buy happiness but it certainly buys freedom which is something that this determined fellow knows all too well from personal experiences. Taking part in international races around boats with sails and investing into digital startups are just some of his pastimes now.

Thanks to such achievements throughout his life, he has become somewhat synonymous with Finland's success abroad and a symbol supporting its strong economy worldwide!

How Old is Harry Harkimo? Harry Harkimo Age and Birthday Info

Harry Harkimo is 69 years old. He was born in Helsinki, Finland on November 2, 1953.

One of the most successful people to come from Finland, Harry Harkimo has achieved success across a wide range of industries. This pioneering businessman and reformed sailor stands out as a true innovator as he sets himself apart in more than one sector – becoming an accomplished television personality and screenwriter along the way.

Even aged 69 years old, he continues to bring his energy and enthusiasm for life to each new venture he pursues. With 70 looming around the corner, it’s fitting that his birthday falls on November 2nd – just days before All Saints Day!

From humble beginnings in Helsinki all those years ago, today Harry Harkimo is quite arguably one of Finland’s most renowned figures - regardless of field - whilst remaining committed to both personal growth and impacting those around him for many more years to come!

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What is Harry Harkimo’s Zodiac Sign

Harry Harkimo is a Scorpio, born November 2, 1953. As a businessperson, sailor, TV personality and screenwriter, being a Scorpio works to Harry's advantage.

He can be intense and passionate in his pursuits; this gives him the drive and directness he needs to reach his goals. The attention he pays to detail makes him an excellent negotiator when it comes to financial matters or dealing with risky situations while out at sea.

His confidence in both business and personal relationships is unshakeable due to his unwavering loyalty. However, because of the strong intensity associated with the sign of Scorpio, Harry may find himself too emotionally invested in certain endeavors leading him into deep waters if he isn't careful.

If there was ever someone who was cut from old money swagger but made for today’s world–it’s Harry Harkimo! A modern-day mogul meets maritime master by day; jet-setting socialite by night–Harry knows no boundaries when it comes to living life like there’s no tomorrow!

We are sure that all these traits that come with being a Scorpio contribute heavily to Harry’s success as a businessman, sailor, TV personality and screenwriter. In other words – hands off this manly maverick!

He's already taken up too much of our time talking about him; now we must get back on track discussing our favorite trends and types...

Harry Harkimo Net Worth and Earnings

Harry Harkimo is estimated to be worth a whopping $300 million. At 69 years of age, he has had an incredibly successful career in business, sailing, television and screenwriting.

Born into a blue-collar background, Harry's drive and determination to make something of himself saw him work hard for every penny earned throughout his adult life. Word began to spread of the savvy businessman from the remote reaches of northern Finland - and it wasn't long before success was knocking on his door.

Fast forward twenty years and Harry Harkimo is a household name with an impressive net worth of $300 million due to wise investments in real estate development and tech ventures around the world; not forgetting his ever growing portfolio of blockbuster films written alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest names. His days sailing have also been equally rewarding: having won 11 Finnish championships since 2007 as well as numerous international awards, outlining just how versatile he continues to be across multiple industries!

Harry Harkimo Nationality and Ethnicity

Harry Harkimo is a Finnish businessperson, sailor, TV personality and screenwriter. His nationality and ethnicity has enabled him to become a successful entrepreneur in the maritime industry, as well as writing for several television shows in Finland.

As he has had his own business ventures since the early age of twenty-two, his nationality and ethnicity allowed him to understand how best to navigate through different industries and create lasting relationships with European partners. He also uses his cultural knowledge to bring unique flavors to his screenwriting; often taking inspiration from Finnish folklore and history for relevant storylines.

This has led Harry's content on both land and sea garner positive attention from both fanbases alike around Europe.

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Harry Harkimo Body Measurements

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