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Hiroshi Mikitani
Full name: Hiroshi Mikitani
Birthday: March 11, 1963
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Net Worth: $9 Billion

Introducing Hiroshi Mikitani, the ultra-successful tech giant who has changed the face of modern eCommerce. Born in Japan on March 11, 1963, Mikitani is now the Chairman and CEO of Rakuten – a role he embodies flawlessly with a wealth accumulating to $9 Billion!

Often referred to as ‘Japan’s Jeff Bezos’, Mikitani is at the forefront of implementing innovative technologies and paving new pathways for growth worldwide. Join us as we take an exciting journey through Mikitani's life story – from humble beginnings to becoming one of the most successful businessmen ever – without breaking a sweat!

Learn how this Japanese pioneer rose against all odds and created history. What secrets lurk behind his genius?

Discover them here in our riveting article about Hiroshi Mikitani.

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Where Is Hiroshi Mikitani From and Where Was Hiroshi Mikitani Born

Hiroshi Mikitani is a Japanese businessman born in Kobe, Japan on March 11th, 1963. Now the Chairman and CEO of Rakuten, one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies, Mikitani is an internationally renowned innovator who has transformed the way people shop online.

A graduate from Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School, Mikitani revolutionized Japanese retail by introducing Cash on Delivery services to the country and his effort are highly admired amongst international business circles. While he may be known for his success in business, Mikitani's remarkable journey began with his humble roots growing up in Kobe where he enjoyed exploring its culture and learning about global trends through discussions with peers at popular tourist destinations like Arima Onsen Spa Town and Himeji Castle.

Even today – 60 years later – Hiroshi continues to enjoy living life as a globetrotter while inspiring generations of entrepreneurs worldwide to think outside-the-box when it comes to business innovation. His unceasing curiosity coupled with razor-sharp intuition that allows him to detect upcoming market opportunities makes Hiroshi Mikitani a true icon for modern day entrepreneurs.

How Old is Hiroshi Mikitani? Hiroshi Mikitani Age and Birthday Info

Hiroshi Mikitani is 60 years old. Born in Kobe, Japan on March 11th, 1963, the Chairman and CEO of Rakuten has achieved global success since joining the company in 1999.

He's a business leader who stays informed on all aspects of industry news and remains ahead of current trends to create innovative products and services that attract customers from around the world. He has been instrumental in transforming Rakuten into a tech giant with annual revenue exceeding $17 billion as of 2021.

Behind his immense professional success lies an even more impressive personal story; one full of determination, hard work and unending passion for global progress through technology. With incredible resilience and drive fueled by his deeply-rooted Japanese heritage combined with a modern perspective shaped by life abroad, it's no wonder Hiroshi Mikitani can still be called an undisputed titan at sixty years old!

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What is Hiroshi Mikitani’s Zodiac Sign

Hiroshi Mikitani's zodiac sign is Pisces. As the chairman and CEO of Rakuten, this zodiac sign represents leadership traits that include creativity, compassion, and intuition.

He has a deep understanding of people's needs and emotions which makes him an excellent team builder, allowing his employees to reach their maximum potential. His ability to understand people on a deeper level also allows him to develop strong customer relationships which can be beneficial when it comes to making decisions regarding clients as well as the overall direction of the company.

In addition, Pisceans are known for being sympathetic and having an open-minded approach; Honda exemplifies these traits in his ability to take risks and think outside the box when creating new business strategies for Rakuten. This willingness to try something new can be instrumental in leading Rakuten towards continued success in today’s fast-changing corporate world.

How Did Hiroshi Mikitani Get Famous?

Hiroshi Mikitani became famous and popular for founding Rakuten, an online retailing giant. The company has gone on to become one of the most successful internet companies in the world, having revolutionized shopping as we know it.

Under his leadership, Rakuten grew from a small operation to a trillion dollar international juggernaut. He is seen by many as a visionary and a pioneer in the e-commerce industry who had the foresight to turn an idea into something practical that could benefit millions of people around the world.

Everywhere you go these days, you will witness first hand just how far this man's influence goes; from mobile payments to online marketplaces. Yet few know just how he got there and overcame all odds while climbing up from humble beginnings - defying ageism to become a global success story at 60 years old!

Hiroshi Mikitani didn't let anything stand in his way; instead he took risks that paid off in spades and scaled heights no one thought possible when starting out with nothing but ambition and drive. A testament to hard work, determination, resilience and resourcefulness - he truly embodies what is inspirational about entrepreneurship today!

Hiroshi Mikitani Net Worth and Earnings

Hiroshi Mikitani's current net worth is estimated to be $9 Billion as of May 16, 2023. On the occasion of his 60th birthday on February 11th this year, the Chairman and CEO of Japan-based online retail company Rakuten was reminded yet again of the fruits that have come from a successful career spanning decades.

Mikitani has been praised for bringing innovative strategies into traditional Japanese corporate structures and actively working on modernizing them - an effort that was particularly visible during his time leading Rakuten. As one of business’ pivotal figures within the nation, he has continued to pour capital into exciting ventures such as launching a venture capital fund in Singapore, expanding his firm’s operations worldwide, and making significant contributions through philanthropic efforts.

His keen eye for spotting trends and staying ahead in an ever-changing industry has made him one of today’s most successful entrepreneurs — a true inspiration to aspiring business visionaries throughout Japan and abroad alike!

Hiroshi Mikitani Nationality and Ethnicity

Hiroshi Mikitani is a Japanese man of Japanese ethnicity, who currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of Rakuten. As one of Japan's most influential businessmen, Mikitani has leveraged his nationality and ethnic background to achieve great success with his company, which consistently ranks as Asia's largest e-commerce service.

His success has not only been celebrated within the borders of Japan but also throughout the world as an example of someone succeeding despite their cultural differences. From an early age, Mikitani knew he wanted to break free from society's expectations and pave a path for himself - something that would have never been possible outside his native country.

He embraced both his nationality and ethnicity in order to become one of the most successful business executives in modern history.

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Hiroshi Mikitani Body Measurements

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