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Ingvar Kamprad
Full name: Ingvar Kamprad
Birthday: March 30, 1926
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Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $42.5 Billion

Ingvar Kamprad is one of the richest and most influential Swedes of all time, contributing to his country's economy over decades. Born on March 30, 1926, he was an ambitious businessman since childhood—building an empire that today boasts a net worth of $42.5 billion.

In this special feature for [glamorous magazine], we take a trip down memory lane—one filled with inspiring stories from Ingvar's extraordinary life and lessons in how to build a successful venture! Read on to discover how this 86-year-old mastermind built his own kingdom from scratch without ever giving up on his dreams.

Find out why Ingvar Kamprad deserves top recognition as an accomplished international business leader and celebrated Swedish icon!

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How Old is Ingvar Kamprad? Ingvar Kamprad Age and Birthday Info

Ingvar Kamprad is 97 years old. He was born on March 30, 1926 and has achieved 54 outstanding years of business success in the past 97 years.

An influential leader from an early age, Ingvar Kamprad made his mark in the world at just 17 years old when he founded IKEA, an iconic Swedish furniture store which today boasts over 422 stores in 52 countries around the globe. As one of Forbes’ sixth wealthiest people, many entrepreneurs look upon him with awe as a remarkable example for their own ventures.

Although aged 97, Ingvar Kamprad continues to be a presence within IKEA and actively follows the progress of his company’s global efforts. His birthday is celebrated each year not only by members of his family but also by millions of loyal followers who have found joy and comfort through this international brand over the decades.

On March 30th 2023, we can join once again to raise our glasses to this inspirational individual who still has so much more to offer us all despite such a grand age!

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What is Ingvar Kamprad’s Zodiac Sign

Ingvar Kamprad, the famous businessman born on March 30th, 1926 is an Aries. As a fire sign, people born under this zodiac sign are courageous and have trailblazing spirits that make them successful entrepreneurs.

Known for his ambition and pioneering spirit, Kamprad's Arian traits likely propelled him to great heights in his career as one of Sweden's most successful businesspeople. As an Aries and accomplished businessman, Ingvar Kamprad has a razor-sharp intellect and unyielding drive to challenge the status quo with revolutionary ideas.

He demonstrates Arian determination through his ambitiousness from creating furniture companies in Elmtaryd Agunnaryd since 1943 up until 2023 when he established a Scandinavian real estate agency called Inter IKEA Systems in Southport Business Park. With these accomplishments at 97 years old proves he has stamina few can match – a testament to his astrological sign’s inherent energy and enthusiasm for life.

Kamprad shows the world that being an Aries can be beneficial both professionally and personally — having passion but also staying calm give you that balance of strength whenever tackling any problem or task without getting burned out easily

How Did Ingvar Kamprad Get Famous?

Ingvar Kamprad became famous and popular by founding the hugely successful furniture company IKEA. Initially starting as a mail order business in 1943, the Swedish entrepreneur and businessman had an appetite for turning a profit that would eventually leave him with a net worth of $58 billion.

It's no wonder Ingvar became an iconic brand figure, as his business has become so widespread it now spans nearly 50 countries globally. He may have just turned 97 years young on May 19th this year, but there’s no doubt Ingvar is still remembered for his timeless designs and business savvy acumen which have made him relevant to the modern age.

His trade mark IKEA stores are found all over the world, including their highly graded ‘Famijyys’ restaurant chain which has revolutionized how we shop for flat-pack furniture. To this day, he stands as one of the greatest examples of what can be achieved through sheer hard work and dedication - proving age really is nothing but a number!

Ingvar Kamprad Net Worth and Earnings

Ingvar Kamprad, the 97-year old Swedish businessman and founder of IKEA, has an estimated net worth of $42.5 billion as of May 19th, 2023. After a successful career in business spanning decades and his iconic trade mark retail store taking over the world by storm, Ingvar Kamprad is one of today's most inspiring figures.

The famed entrepreneur began his journey to success at age 17 when he founded IKEA which boasted success almost immediately. His revolutionary furniture designs soon went global and his company skyrocketed in popularity for offering excellent design with wallet-friendly prices - something that he still stands for proudly today.

Thanks to this amazing legacy full of achievements, Ingvar Kamprad can now enjoy an impressive $42.5 billion net worth as per the latest data from leading magazines such as Forbes and Vogue Business Magazine. He may be nearly a century old but it's clear that he still never fails to astonish us all with astounding results proving why he is a living legend in the corporate world!

Ingvar Kamprad Nationality and Ethnicity

Ingvar Kamprad is a Swedish businessman of Lebanese origin. As one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs, Ingvar's diverse heritage undoubtedly played an important role in his success and life story.

From humble beginnings in rural Sweden, Ingvar's unique cultural background helped him to think outside the box with regards to innovative business ideas and gave him the confidence to take risks that have paid off for both himself and his company, IKEA. His cross-cultural upbringing enabled him to understand different markets and cultures around the world, which no doubt made it easier for him to expand his business into new countries.

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Ingvar Kamprad Body Measurements

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