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James Maslow
Full name: James Maslow
Birthday: July 16, 1990
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Category/Profession: , , , ,
Net Worth: $0.5 Million

Discover the life and career of James Maslow, a multi-talented American actor, dancer, model, singer-songwriter and philanthropist. Born on July 16 1990 in California, he is best known for his roles on Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush as James Diamond and The Lost Tree as Lucas Allen.

With over 10 million Instagram followers and a net worth of $0.5 million, this rising star has achieved success early in life. Get to know more about his journey from an aspiring young artist to becoming one of Hollywood’s biggest stars!

Dive into the fascinating world of James Maslow and explore all aspects of his fascinating career – from TV shows to music releases. Plus read how he helps charities around the world make a difference as a philanthropist!

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Where Is James Maslow From and Where Was James Maslow Born

James Maslow is an American actor, dancer, model, singer-songwriter, and philanthropist born in New York City on July 16th, 1990. His remarkable talent has made him a fixture of the entertainment industry for over a decade.

At 33 years old James has achieved incredible success with starring roles in films such as ‘The Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse’ and shows like Nickelodeon's ‘Big Time Rush’ all while still maintaining an impressive presence in the music world and giving back to his community through countless acts of philanthropy. An inspiring multi-hyphenate who refuses to be confined by boundaries or genre labels; Maslow is not afraid to challenge himself against new and exciting opportunities.

The realness he brings to each project radiates through his artistry - making it clear that nothing can stop him from reaching higher heights!

How Old is James Maslow? James Maslow Age and Birthday Info

James Maslow is 32 years old and was born on July 16, 1990 in New York City. He is an American success story, having enjoyed a successful career as an actor, dancer, model, singer-songwriter and philanthropist since his childhood days.

Known for his captivating smile and easygoing personality, it's no wonder why James Maslow has achieved such remarkable success in the entertainment industry. From starring in Nickelodeon shows to recording hit songs with pop superstar Ariana Grande, he has proven himself to be a talent worth watching.

Furthermore, he is not only passionate about his own career but also dedicates time and energy to various charities - making him the perfect example of someone who truly cares about giving back. At age 32, James Maslow still exudes youthfulness and enthusiasm that any star would envy!

A testament to his hard work over the years, he has become one of Hollywood’s most sought after actors while managing to build up extensive humanitarian portfolios at the same time. Having just celebrated another milestone birthday this month (July), it’s inspiring to see how far he’s come from being a child prodigy in New York City – leading us all look forward to what amazing accomplishments are yet to come!

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What is James Maslow’s Zodiac Sign

James Maslow is a Cancer, born on July 16, 1990. Cancers are intuitive and emotionally in tune with the people around them — perfect for someone whose career includes professional roles on the stage, screen and modeling.

The caring nature of Cancer helps James give his best to every performance while still finding time for charitable work. This passionate artist has used his zodiac sign to full advantage as an actor, dancer, model, singer-songwriter and philanthropist over the past few decades.

Taking cues from their home sign of watery Cancer, James' creative projects have been marked by emotional nuance and a complex inner landscape that resonates with audiences worldwide. His deep understanding of emotion lends itself to stunning performances that lend insight into our shared humanity as both audience members and fans alike experience something more than entertainment — they feel joy or sorrow along with him in his artistic journey.

Moreover, Cancer's connection to nature helps keep James grounded when awards, prestige or recognition come his way - making sure he remembers what's really important. Whether he's delivering a powerful ballad at a concert or writing a check for some charity event; regardless of what genre he works within: romantic drama, musical comedy - whatever it is - this talented star is surely here to stay!

How Did James Maslow Get Famous?

James Maslow got famous and popular due to his multi-faceted entertainment career, which consists of acting, dancing, modeling, singing-songwriting and philanthropy. At 32 years old he has starred in numerous films and TV shows while also having released several albums and singles as a musician.

His fame is further amplified by an active social media presence, with millions of followers across Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Quite the entertainer himself, James is often seen dazzling crowds with his electrifying dance moves on stage or strolling around town looking suave in couture looks.

He’s even been featured in some of the world’s most prestigious fashion magazines! On top of this he’s a devoted humanitarian who works with organizations such as Global Green and Cancer Free Generation.

It looks like there's no stopping for James as not only does he excel in his work but also enjoys a happy dating life; currently being linked to Ciara Hanna since May 27th 2023. There's simply nothing stopping James Maslow from becoming an international household name- a true modern day superman!

James Maslow Net Worth and Earnings

James Maslow has a current net worth of $0.5 Million dollars as of May 27th, 2023. He is an incredibly talented performer who has made his mark in the entertainment industry with his multi-faceted portfolio that includes acting, singing, dancing and modeling.

His success comes from years of hard work and dedication to these craftsmanship. From being one of the finalists on "Dancing With The Stars" to getting roles in films such as "Chasing Life" to recording hit singles like "Crazy for You"— Maslow has proven himself time and time again as someone who is not afraid to take risks in order make sure he reaches the heights of his potential.

Despite all of this success, James hasn't forgotten about the importance of giving back which is why he also uses some profits from his worked through philanthropy effort especially pertaining to helping underprivileged children. He is a role model for many because of how much he achieved despite all odds, showing us that determination will always help reach success no matter what occupation you are in!

James Maslow Nationality and Ethnicity

James Maslow is an American born actor, dancer, model, singer-songwriter and philanthropist of Caucasian ethnicity. His heritage has been a major asset on his road to success.

As an American artist, he’s had the opportunity to reach audiences around the world with his own blend of songwriting and dance moves that keep the crowds wanting more. He’s also taken advantage of appearances in various forms media (TV shows, films) giving him memorable roles; each role quite different from one another due to embodying different nationalities/ethnicities.

This ability gives him an added level of creativity as well as pushing himself beyond any boundaries set - something you don't want to miss out on!

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James Maslow Body Measurements

Height: 185 cm or 6′0″
Weight: No Data
Eye color: Light Brown
Hair color: Light brown
Hair style: chic
Waist size: 120
Hips: No Data
Feet size: 11
Have tattoo: No

James Maslow has a height of 6′ 1", weighing approximately 190 pounds. His physique is well-suited for the multi-demanding roles he has taken on as an actor, dancer, model, singer-songwriter, and philanthropist.

An athletic frame like his allows James to be physically agile in film roles and provides the perfect base for his wardrobe choices when attending red carpet events. To sustain such an active lifestyle, it’s no wonder that he follows a strict fitness regimen accompanied by proper nutrition.

His light brown hair coupled with his light brown eyes captures the attention of onlookers everywhere. Ultimately, this combination of physical attributes helps enhance his star power each time we see him on stage or screen.

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